Cynthia Gray
Project Manager, Claims and Preference Analyst
1613 Lyon Street, Suite A, San Francisco,
CA 94115
T: (415) 362-3440
F: (415) 362-7704


Cynthia joined Uecker & Associates, Inc. in 1999. As a Project Manager, Cynthia provides legal/ business analysis and management skills regarding continued business operations, reporting, contract negotiations, creditor education/ resolution and orderly corporate liquidations arising in connection with the management of court appointed/ supervised third party administration matters involving a wide range of industries including e-commerce/internet, financial, healthcare, information technology, non-profit, publishing, retail and telecommunications. As a Claims and Preference Analyst, she combines her legal and business experience with her expertise in insolvency matters to manage the analysis and resolution of creditor claims and preference actions in all bankruptcy, assignment and receivership matters. Additionally, Cynthia provides support on legal issues arising in connection with bankruptcy, assignment and receivership matters. Cynthia previously worked as an attorney practicing in the area of Bankruptcy with the firms of Broad, Schulz, Larson & Wineberg and LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae and as an independent project manager for various businesses. Cynthia holds a J.D. degree from University of San Francisco School of Law and a B.A. degree in Economics from Trinity College, Hartford.


  • Sorbent Therapeutics, Inc.
    Sorbent Therapeutics, Inc.
    July 2014

    Sunnyvale, California
      Therapeutics, Inc. was a biopharmaceutical company developing therapies for cardiovascular and renal diseases.  The most recent 3rd Quarter 2014 STEPWISE clinical study results did not produce the anticipated results and the Company engaged Uecker & Associates, Inc. as Assignee.  We retained patent counsel to prepare a patent review and summary.  The IP patents were sold for $425,000.

  • Cuil, Inc.

    Menlo Park, California
    2010:  Cuil, Inc. was a search engine company located in Menlo Park, California.  The intellectual property included source code along with patent applications pending and trademarks.  The Assignee negotiated with several parties and sold the IP for $3.5 million to the highest bidder.

  • MolliCoolz, LLC

    Stockton, California
    2010:  MolliCoolz, LL C specialized as an innoator in cryogenically frozen ice cream and frozen desserts with a production facility in Stockton, Califorhia.  They use patented technology to produce small beads of frozen ice cream, fruit juice, yogurt and sherbet that is free flowing at normal ice cream temperaturs.  A sale was negotiated for inventory, equipment, trademarks, intellectual property, general intangibles, and domain names to Dole Packaged Foods, LLC.

  • Helpstream, Inc.

    Mountain View, California
    2010:  The Assignee transitioned "Business Continuity Agreement" services including non-exclusive licenses, to ten existing customers for a fee before terminating online services.  The intellectual property included software and service products, object and source codes, copy rights and patents and were sold with the secured creditor paid down from the proceeds of sale.

  • Exopolis

    Los Angeles, California
    New York, New York
    2010:  Exopolis, an integrated creative studio with web, broadcase, mobile experimental and print capabilities, effected an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors in March 2010.  The Assignee negotiated an asset sale for $1.2 million with a third party which retired the secured debt and provided for potential earn-out(s) which may be available for unsecured debt.

  • Kitchenworks, Inc.

    San Rafael, California
    2009:  Assignee of a construction/kitchen refacing company.  Assignee handling creditor notification and preservation of tax refunds until determination of priority interest therein as between the Internal Revenue Service and secured creditor claims.

  • Gene Ed, Inc.

    San Francisco, California
    2009:  Gene Ed developed and delivered e-learning solutions for life sciences organizations.  The intellectual property assets which included online course ware, user interface and viewing engine software, source code and learning objects, learning management sytem, distribution agreements, URL domain name and SSL certificates were marketed and sold for $200,000.00 to a third party purchaser.

  • Adiri, Inc.

    Palo Alto, California
    2009:  Assignee for baby bottle company with unique patent and trademark rights.  The intellectual property sale was negotiated and closed in March 2010 at $1,437,500.00.