Real Estate: Matters
  • Rabbank vs. Gilroy Annex Holdings, LLC, fka The Garlic Farm Annex, LLC

    Action No. 1-14-CV-259720
    Superior Court, County of Santa Clara, Judge Beth McGowen
    2015:  Appointed Receiver for Gilroy Annex located at 5758 Monterey Road in Gilroy, California.  It consists of a 44,103 sq .ft. truck maintenance facility and yard storage area on 8.21 acres.  The receiver listed the property for sale and/or lease.

  • People of the State of California vs. Minge Li

    Action No. WWM595749
    Superior Court, County of Alameda, Judge Tara M. Desautels
    2014:  Receiver appointed for 7560 Altura Place in Oakland, California which is a residential single family home under construction.  No insurance was in place upon appointment.  To obtain insurance coverage the Receiver had to complete several insurance requirements and coverage was placed.  This is a Penal Code Section 186.11 case.  The property was sold for $480,000 with net proceeds to the Alameda County District Attorney's office.

  • Kearny SL1,LP vs. Mayhew Center, LLC

    Action No. C14-01167
    Superior Court, County of Contra Costa, Judge Steven K. Austin
    2014:  Appointed Receiver for Mayhew Center for three Class C office buildings located at 3301, 3317 and 3333 Vincent Road, Pleasant Hill, California.  The three buildings total 65,000 square feet.  The property has environmental clean-up issues and the Receiver is working with the Regional Water Quality Control Board on priorities, subject to Court approval.

  • Evgeni Litvak, et zl vs. Yuri Galashov, et al

    Action No. GCG 11-511609
    Superior Court, County of San Francisaco Unlimited Civil Jurisdiction, Judge Peter J. Busch
    2013:  Appointed Referee in a partition action to sell one condominium unit in a two condominium unit building located at 547 27th Avenue, San Francisco, California.  The property was listed and sold for $950,000.  The Referee worked with the other condominium owner to set up a temporary Home Owner’s Association account for common area charges and accounting per the CC&R’s.  An accounting report for the Court was also required.

  • GE Commercial Finance Business Property Corp. vs Shasta Ridge, LLC

    Action No. 154757
    Superior Court, County of Butte/Chico  - Judge Stephen E. Benson
    2011:  Appointed Receiver for 1390 Ridgewood Drive in Chico, California which consists of a single story 8,400 square foot office building.  The property had been back office space for a bank prior to the Receivership.  The Receiver listed the property with a broker for lease and/or sale.

  • FBB REO LLC vs Athan P. Magganas, Edel Magganas, Dimitri Magganas

    Action No. C11-01962
    Super Court , County of Contra Costa - Judge Judith S. Craddick
    2011:  Appointed Receiver to manage and operate 33,000 sq. ft. retail strip center and office building located at 50 Sand Creek Road in Brentwood, California.  Extensive fire sprinkler system certification work and repair.  The Receiver engaged a broker to lease the property.

  • GE Commercial Finance Business Property Corp. vs Shasta Gilmour LLC

    Action No. 65110
    Superior Court, County of Tehama - Judge Richard Scheuler
    Appointed Receiver for 10 Gilmore Road in Red Bluff, California which consists of a single story 8,000 square foot neighborhood strip center consisting of three separate units.  Two of the three units are occupied by quality tenants with the third, previously a bank location, vacant.  The Receiver engaged a broker to lease and/or sell the property.  The Receiver completed and billed for the CAM (Common Area Maintenance) reconciliation.

  • MPC Antelope Valley, LLC vs GFT Properties, LLC; Dima, LLC: MCK Properties, LLC

    Action No. CGC-11-511206
    Superior Court, County of San Francisco - Judge Loretta M. Giorgi
    Receiver appointed to manage and operate 460 – 462 Bryant Street, San Francisco, California.  460 Bryant is a three story with basement brick unreinforced masonry building while 462 Bryant is a one story with basement property.  There are openings between the buildings on the ground floor and basement levels.  The property was secured, extensive cleanup completed and abatement work required by the San Francisco Building Department was responded to by the Receiver.

  • Mehrdad Elie vs. Kathleen Smith, et al

    Action No. CIV471364
    Superior Court, County of San Mateo - Juge Mark R. Forcum
    2011:  Supplemental Order regarding Sale of Albion Castle, LLC assets which includes 881 Innes Avenue, San Francisco, California.  The property was listed for sale, marketed and sold for $820,000.00.  Receipt of funds from 1 Executive Way, LLC (Chapter 7 Trustee) for $1,080,000.00.

  • Central Valley 1206, LLC vs Del Valle Capital Corporation, Inc.

    Action No. 34-2011-00103034
    Superior Court, County of Sacramento - Judge Shellyanne W.L. Chang
    Receiver appointed for a single family home development with eighteen partially completed homes located in several parcels at Joseph Place, AnneMarie Way and Bernadette Place in Isleton, California.  The Receiver had the vacant property secured and weatherized during the receivership.  The Receiver also issued a thirty day notice to vacate to a tenant with no consent to holdover.

  • William Kaut vs. Judy L. Kelsey

    Action No. DR081241
    Superior Court, County of Humboldt - Judge Dale A. Reinholsten
    2011:  Appointed Receiver for the property located at 1270 Mill Creek Way in Fortuna California. The property includes a single family home and rented duplex.  The Order Appointing Receiver required the plaintiff and defendant to provide property information from 2003 to the present.  The receiver is reviewing  the information and will be reporting her findings to the Court.

  • GE Commercial Finance Business Property Corp. vs. Shasta Lassen LLC

    Action No. 153332
    Superior Court, County of Butte/Chico - Judge Stephen E. Benson
    2011:  Receiver appointed for 1360 East Lassen Avenue in Chico, California which is a single story 16,707 square foot office building.  The property had been a bank headquarters prior to the receivership.  The Receiver listed the property with a broker for lease and/or sale.

  • Ittleson Lenin Anne Building LLV vs. Lenin Anne; Lakshmi Anne; Laukau Pouli Eteki

    Action No.  RG11567403
    Superior Court, County of Alameda - Judge Davide B. Hunter
    2011:   Appointed Receiver of a board and care facility with two buildings containing a fourteen bedroom, seven bath facility (primary building) and a five bedroom, three bath facility (second building).  The property was occupied and voluntarily vacated during the Receivership.


  • Deutche Bank National Trust Company vs. Ung

    Action No.  RG10553515
    Superior Court, County of Alameda - Judge Ronni MacLaren
    2011:  Appointed Receiver to manage and operate 1007 – 1009 Clay Street in Oakland, California.  It is a three story mixed use building with 25,400 square feet of space with the ground floor divided into two retail spaces and the second and third floors office space.  The Receiver had general liability insurance placed on the property.  The defendant filed bankruptcy and the Receiver  was excused from turnover during the bankruptcy.

  • Valley Community Bank vs. Thomas A. Felardo, individually and doing business as Felardo Construction

    Action No. RG10546392
    Superior Court, County of Alameda - Judge Winifred Y. Smith
    2011:  Receiver appointed to pursue the sale of five single family homes and one triplex located in Union City, Fremont, Newark and Hayward, California.  The Receiver engaged a  real estate broker to list the properties for sale.  The Receiver negotiated sales of the properties in the total amount of $2,689,000.00 subject to the approval of plaintiff and the Court.  The property information is as follows:
         1321-1325 D Street, Hayward, CA sold for $600,000.00

         32600 Ithaca Street, Union City, CA sold for $358,000.00
         34465 Bridgewater Place, Fremont, CA sold for $515,000.00
         42665 Roberts Avenue, Fremont, CA sold for $401,000.00
         5181 Lawler Avenue, Fremont, CA sold for $495,000.00
         36718 Ruschin drive, Newark, CA sold for $320,000.00

  • In re: Mount Diablo Young Men's Christian Association

    Action No. 10-44367-EDJ-11
    Appointment:  Liquidating Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Edward Jellan
    2010:  Chapter 11 Plan for the Mt. Diablo YMCA Liquidating Trust and Susan L. Uecker, as Liquidating Trustee.  The Trustee worked with a commercial broker on the sale of the 12.4 acres of vacant land located in Alamo, California.  The initial bid of $1,000.000 was subject to twelve (12) overbids by four (4) bidders which resulted in a final sale price of $1,650,000.

  • GECC vs. Walker

    Action No. S-CV-27386
    Superior Court, County of Placer - Judge Charles Wachob
    2010:  The Receiver was appointed to preserve, maintain and sell the vacant 4,420 square feet office building located at 680 Sunrise Avenue in Roseville, California.  A broker was engaged to actively market and sell the property subject to court approval.  The Receiver engaged a real estate broker to list the property for sale.

  • Templeton Associates, a California General Partnership vs. Akshay Dave, et al

    Action No. 105CV50781
    Superior Court, County of Santa Clara - Judge Joseph H. Huber
    2007:  Appointed Receiver to sell a seven (7) acre vacant parcel located in Mountain View, California.  The Receiver entertained numerous offers and sold the property for $2,050,000.00.

  • Arbitration Between Friedman Development and Farming Company and Eliott Cushman et al.

    Action No. 74 M 180 00623 010LMF
    Arbitrator - Bruce W. Belding
    2003: Receiver appointed to sell 291 Geary Street, a San Francisco landmark office and retail building located on Union Square. The property sold for $25.1 million in a Receivership auction with seven pre-qualified bidders and 35 overbids.

  • First American Title Company of Marin vs. David A. Loss, Gina A. Loss, Shahnam Davani, et al

    Action No. CV011017
    Superior Court, Marin County - Judge Lynn Duryee
    2001: Oversight of approximately 800 acre ranch known as Rim Rock Ranch, which includes a ranch house on the premises.  The Receiver sold the property for $2.1million to a winery group.

  • In re: Ron McNiel, Sr.

    Action No. 97-56350ASW
    Appointment: Chapter 7 Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Arthur S. Weissbrodt
    2000: Liquidation of Pennsylvania real estate for $95,000. Investigation of promissory notes and numerous partnership interests. As Trustee moved for the appointment of a Receiver in partnership cases to manage and liquidate the assets. Receiver recovered approximately $3.8 million in partnership assets to the estate.  Additionally sold industrial property in Michigan for $500,000, retail property in Scotts Valley for $1.4 million and an office building in San Jose for $4,750,000 along with machinery and equipment for $2.7 million.

  • In re: Raymond W. Hrdlicka

    Action No. 00-45827T
    Appointment: Chapter 11 Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Leslie Tchaikovsky
    2001: Sales of approximately $6 million of real property assets, both office and apartment, realized from bankruptcy estate. Debtor operated Bail Bonds business through 24 entities in 10 states where corporation was 100% owned by debtor. Additionally there were two entities where the corporation was 49% owned by the debtor and six sole proprietorships operating through one of the corporate entities. Interaction with Chapter 7 Trustee for corporate entities in matters where both estates have an interest in resolution and/or recovery. Compilation of account information for tax preparation and general Trustee duties. Negotiation and settlement of large insurer claim from $4,535,000 to $600,000.

  • In re: W. R. (Peggy) Walker

    Action No. 98-4-6059 N
    Appointment: Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Randall J. Newsome
    2000: Sale of real property assets comprising an apartment building which sold for $235,000 and office building which sold for $2,500,000 located in Oakland, California. Evaluation of proposed real property asset located in Oakland to be considered for an exchange. Compilation of accounting information for tax preparation and general Trustee duties.

  • In re: StreamLogic Corporation

    Action No. 97-32984 DM
    Appointment: Disbursing Agent
    Northern District of California - Judge Dennis Montali
    1998: Management and sale of 80,000 sq. ft. industrial property located in Chatsworth, California for $2.8 million. StreamLogic developed and manufactured information storage products and systems; designed, manufactured, and sold disk drives; and publicly traded stock. Extensive claims work relating to defective merchandise and warranty claims for disk drives. Disbursement of payments to creditors and accounting under a Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization.

  • In re: Trans-Action Commercial Mortgage Investors, Ltd.

    Action No. 97-46123-T-11
    Appointment: Chapter 11 Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Leslie Tchaikovsky
    1998: A limited partnership controlling 100% of another limited partnership interest in the Berkeley Land Company, which controls the ground lease on the Berkeley Center. The Center, located in Berkeley, California, includes the Shattuck Hotel, the Landmark theaters and five retail properties comprising 16,000 square feet, and office space comprising 52,000 square feet. Additionally, the partnership has an interest in the Berkeley Conference Center, 27,000 square feet of commercial space also located in Berkeley. The 174 room Shattuck Hotel was sold for $8.5 million.

  • In re: Belmont Gardens Associates, L.P.

    Action No. 97-33270-DM
    Appointment: Liquidating Agent
    Northern District of California - Judge Dennis Montali
    1998: Marketing and bulk sale of 19 condominium units for $3,850,000. Completion of Department of Real Estate requirements to obtain White Report, including budgeting and construction reports. Disbursement to creditors pursuant to an Order of the Court.

  • Donald Bruzzone, Mary A. Bruzzone, et al. vs. Russell Bruzzone, Milton Bruzzone, et al.

    Action No. 723019-0
    Superior Court, Alameda County - Judge William A. McKinstrey
    1996: Sale of three parcels of unimproved land totaling 8.3 acres for $2,600,000 and located in Alameda, California.

  • In re: Taldan Investment Company, Inc.

    Action No. 92-32514-LK
    Appointment: Liquidation Agent
    Northern District - Judge Thomas Carlson
    1993: Liquidation of 60 condominium units located in Oakland sold for approximately $100,000 a unit, 4 luxury condominium units in San Francisco sold for $725,000 - $1.9 million, one mini-storage facility with 964 units located in San Mateo and sold for $5,825,000,  vacant land (15.6 acres) located in Tiburon for $2.2 million, vacant land at Ocean Beach in San Francisco for $3 million and one medical building in San Mateo which sold for $1.8 million.  Operation of mini-storage facility and management of medical building. Completion of Chapter 22 Plan of Reorganization.

  • In re: Majestic Wine Corporation

    Action No. 4-89-00474
    Appointment: Liquidating Trustee
    Northern District - Judge Randall Newsome
    1991: Liquidation of two real property leases, extensive work and interaction with the PBGC in winding up the pension plan, disbursements to creditors and completion of the Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization.

  • In re: Robert C. and Helga Johnson

    Action No. 3-87-03262
    Appointment: Plan Administrator
    Northern District - Judge Lloyd King
    1990: Liquidation of real property and securities under Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization.

  • In re: Bair Island Marina

    Action No. 4-88-00769-W
    Appointment: Trustee
    Northern District - Judge Randall Newsome
    1989: Enforced existing sale of 7.3 acres of undeveloped land located in South San Francisco, California.

  • In re: Ruth Fairley Howard

    Action No. 4-88-03105
    Appointment: Trustee
    Northern District - Judge Randall Newsome
    1989: Management of four single-family rentals and sale of one single-family residence located in Oakland, California, and one office building with warehouse facility located in Richmond, California.

  • In re: Bay Area Location Caterers dba The Boathouse

    Action No. 3-85-02653
    Appointment: Trustee
    Northern District - Judge Jack Rainville
    1986: Sale of leasehold interest in restaurant, bar, banquet facilities, and boating/fishing concession located at Lake Merced in San Francisco, California. Negotiation with the lessor, the City of San Francisco for sale of the lease.