Intellectual Property and Technology: Matters
  • Point & Ship Software

    Walnut Creek, California
    Point & Ship offered full service Shipping Expense Management Software™ (SEMS™) that gives businesses unrivaled control over their shipping, tracking, billing and reporting capabilities.  The Assignee sold the assets to a third party purchaser for $1.8 million.  There is tax work required and preference review.

  • Goodmail Systems, Inc.

    Mountain View, California
    2011:  Goodmail Sysems, Inc. assets included intellectual property that the Assignee packaged for sale.  The patents, trademarks, domain names and source codes were sold over a period of time.  Additionally accounts receivable were collected. Unsecured creditors were paid in full with interest.

  • Cuil, Inc.

    Menlo Park, California
    2010:  Cuil, Inc. was a search engine company located in Menlo Park, California.  The intellectual property included source code along with patent applications pending and trademarks.  The Assignee negotiated with several parties and sold the IP for $3.5 million to the highest bidder.

  • Mobile Ware, Inc. fka LimeLife

    Menlo Park, California
    Consultant to Board of Directors to assist in wind-down and dissolution of a digital media group.  Engaged to coordinate all activity including sale escrow oversight, liquidation of remaining assets, tax preparation, accounts receiveable collection, negotiation of payables and completion of the dissolution.

  • MolliCoolz, LLC

    Stockton, California
    2010:  MolliCoolz, LL C specialized as an innoator in cryogenically frozen ice cream and frozen desserts with a production facility in Stockton, Califorhia.  They use patented technology to produce small beads of frozen ice cream, fruit juice, yogurt and sherbet that is free flowing at normal ice cream temperaturs.  A sale was negotiated for inventory, equipment, trademarks, intellectual property, general intangibles, and domain names to Dole Packaged Foods, LLC.

  • Helpstream, Inc.

    Mountain View, California
    2010:  The Assignee transitioned "Business Continuity Agreement" services including non-exclusive licenses, to ten existing customers for a fee before terminating online services.  The intellectual property included software and service products, object and source codes, copy rights and patents and were sold with the secured creditor paid down from the proceeds of sale.

  • Exopolis

    Los Angeles, California
    New York, New York
    2010:  Exopolis, an integrated creative studio with web, broadcase, mobile experimental and print capabilities, effected an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors in March 2010.  The Assignee negotiated an asset sale for $1.2 million with a third party which retired the secured debt and provided for potential earn-out(s) which may be available for unsecured debt.

  • Adiri, Inc.

    Palo Alto, California
    2009:  Assignee for baby bottle company with unique patent and trademark rights.  The intellectual property sale was negotiated and closed in March 2010 at $1,437,500.00.

  • Gene Ed, Inc.

    San Francisco, California
    2009:  Gene Ed developed and delivered e-learning solutions for life sciences organizations.  The intellectual property assets which included online course ware, user interface and viewing engine software, source code and learning objects, learning management sytem, distribution agreements, URL domain name and SSL certificates were marketed and sold for $200,000.00 to a third party purchaser.

  • Conformia Software, Inc

    Sunnyvale, California
    2009: Conformia Software, Inc. was a leading developer of enterprise product and process lifecycle management software solutions for highly regulated process industries such as drug development and technology transfer to commercial manufacturing with the life sciences industry. After extensive due diligence, the intellectual property, which included patents, trademarks, domain name and software, was sold for close to $1 million to a Fortune 500 company.

  • Active Reasoning

    San Mateo, California
    2007: Active Reasoning assets included intellectual property of value. The IP was marketed and sold for $2 million to a Fortune 500 company with payment in full to the secured creditor with net proceeds available for unsecured creditors. The remaining equipment assets were liquidated for the benefit of the creditors.

  • Elemental Securities, Inc.

    San Mateo, California
    2007: The intellectual property of Elemental Securities, Inc., including source code and documentation, policy templates, patents, trademarks and logos, domain name and customer contacts, was sold along with the building equipment and demonstration equipment for $100,000. A non-exclusive IP license was also sold by the Assignee. A distribution of $.94 on the $1.00 was issued to unsecured creditors.

  • Tapwave, Inc.

    Mountain View, California
    2005: Tapwave was a company with a portfolio of innovative, media-centric products that combined the power and function of advanced handheld computing with console quality experience. The Zodiac, a multi-media handheld device, was one of the more well-known and highly praised products. The Assignee sold the intellectual property, technology, patents, trademarks and domain names as well as the inventory, primarily Zodiac units and accessories, for $500,000.

  • Grand Central Communications, Inc.

    San Francisco, California
    2005: Grand Central had technology that included the software products of Swivel, Business Network Services (BSN) and Blue Spark. The Assignee operated the business and maintained the customer contracts until a sale of assets was completed. The purchaser assumed debt, converted unsecured debt to equity (subordinating to remaining unsecureds), and paid cash for a total estimated value of $1 million dollars.

  • Powernetix

    San Jose, California
    2004: PowerNetix was an Internet Data Logistic Centre and Exchange. PowerNet Internet Exchange provided companies with high-availability connections to the Internet, dedicated connections, facilities management solution, Managed IP Transit services, Virtual Private Networking (VPN), video streaming facilities, data warehousing solutions, IP peering connections and virtual IP platform. Liquidation of intellectual property and technology, company or trade name/brand marks (trade and service)/ domain name and e-mail address and materials inventory. Additional sale of non-exclusive license to Unibond Technology.

  • Black Pearl, Inc.

    San Francisco, California
    2004: Black Pearl, Inc. was engaged in the business of developing enterprise software solutions that proactively identify and prioritize hidden revenue opportunities and business risks, delivering actionable advise to the point of the decision eliminating costly manual processes. The company had ceased operations prior to the Assignment. The Assignee sold the intellectual property for $200,000 and liquidated the remaining personal property assets.

  • ITN Satellite Services, Inc.

    San Francisco, California
    2003: Assignee for company founded in 1986 for one of the largest independent full service providers specializing in the organization, capture and distribution of content from its in-house facilities or from its network of remote locations through its fully operational technical infra-structure for broadcast quality transmission. Sale of majority of assets to a third party purchaser for $435,000 with assumption of secured leases and other debt obligations in excess of $800,000.

  • Innovics Wireless

    Los Angeles, California
    2003: Innovics Wireless is the first company to offer system-on-a-chip and IP diversity processing solutions for baseband processing in mobile terminals. Liquidation of intellectual property, test equipment and FF&E.

  • Resolution Health Strategies, Inc.

    San Jose, California
    2001: Assignee for a provider of health care information services that provides pharmaceutical, biotech and devise manufacturers with targeted product promotion and helps organized health care delivery systems such as Blue Shield improve the quality of care they deliver. Sale of assets within short period of time such that staff and locations were preserved. $300,000 cash, release of claims totaling $1.4 million for total consideration of $1.7 million. Review and compile creditor information.

  •, Inc.

    Mountain View, California
    2001: Assignee for a provider of a technology platform that improved the effectiveness and efficiency of care management. Developed a technology that employed web applications, portable medical devices and communications to enable connectivity for remote health care management. Negotiate the sale of assets with a release of secured debt. The sale was for cash at $100,000 with the buyer assuming accrued salaries, wages, commissions, benefits, sick leave and vacation pay not to exceed $250,000. Buyer also assumed debt to Sitra of $250,000. Total consideration of $600,000. Review and compile creditor information.

  • Flycode, Inc.

    San Francisco, California
    2001: Assignee for a peer-to-peer venture with strategic focus on the funding, development and exploitation of a secure on-line video and image distribution technology. Flycode developed and released a beta version of its client software in 2001. Sale of patent application.

  • Symphony Systems

    Campbell, California
    2002: Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors for provider of equipment productivity management software solutions for maximizing the productivity of capital equipment by equipment users and equipment manufacturers. Sale of assets for $875,000 with office lease and leased equipment assumptions for NEC America, Inc. and Telephone System.


    Scottsdale, Arizona
    Beaverton, Oregon
    2000: Assignee for a golf reservations Internet company. Sale of all assets including website and domain name to third party purchaser for $2.1 million. Establishment of creditor listing for disbursement to creditors. An interim distribution of $.05 was issued to general unsecured creditors. Extensive income, sales and payroll tax preparation.


    San Francisco, California
    2000: Assignee of an ebusiness cosmetic retailer. Sale of website and all assets to third party purchaser for $400,000 plus assumption of leases within an extremely limited time frame due to diminishing value of the assets. Establishment of creditor listing for disbursement to creditors. Extensive payroll reconciliation work for pre-assignment period to determine tax liability.

  • San Francisco Science Funds, LLC vs. Transderm Diagnostics, Inc.

    Action No. 313601
    Superior Court, County of San Francisco - Judge David A. Garcia
    2001: Receiver in Aid of Execution of Judgment. Sale of Patent Application and Intangible assets pursuant to CCP 701.510. 

  • In re: Uniteq Application Systems, Inc.

    Action No. 00-44898J
    Appointment: Chapter 11 Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Edward Jellen
    2000: Uniteq designed, developed and licensed warehouse and labor management software for use in industrial and grocery establishments. Sale and liquidation of software and labor management systems. Extensive accounts receivable work through Chicago office of Uniteq.

  • People of the State of California vs. Phillip W. Brockman

    Action No. 797820-5
    Superior Court, Alameda County - Judge Philip V. Sarkisian
    1998: Analyze and negotiate liquidation of 507,000 shares of  preferred stock in an interactive video and service company with a goal of becoming the Internet leader in real estate, sports and resort marketing.  Interest and liquidation of residence valued at $650,000, and personal property valued at $21,000 located in Fremont.  Funds were distributed by order of the Court to the 96 victims of the defendant's fraudulent transactions.  Largest restitution recovery in Alameda County in 1999.