• Whitman

    Expert Witness for Whitman
    2017:     Review of Receiver fiduciary duties.  Qualified as an Expert Witness and testified at trial.

  • Conformia Software, Inc

    Sunnyvale, California
    2009: Conformia Software, Inc. was a leading developer of enterprise product and process lifecycle management software solutions for highly regulated process industries such as drug development and technology transfer to commercial manufacturing with the life sciences industry. After extensive due diligence, the intellectual property, which included patents, trademarks, domain name and software, was sold for close to $1 million to a Fortune 500 company.

  • Sessions, Inc.

    Scotts Valley, California
    2009: Sessions was a recognized international brand of snowboard and action sports apparel. The company designed, merchandized and distributed high performance snowboard outerwear, accessories and select street wear for 'youth driven' sports. The assets were sold for $650,000 and included inventory, trademarks, service marks, brands, copyrights, patent and any other intangible assets both domestic and international owned by Sessions. The secured creditor was paid in full. A valuation of the assets was completed for the Assignee.

  • Martinez & Golden vs. Margo International, LLC

    Action No. C08-01103
    Superior Court, County of Contra Costa - Judge Judith Craddick
    2008: Receiver for a California based export trading company that caters to retailers and wholesalers in the South Pacific Islands.  The Receiver had completed a valuation of the business as a 'going concern.' and continued to oversee business operations.   She held a mediation session with the parties to try and settle the issues with the members of the LLC.  A member invoked the buy-sell election and the court process was completed. 

  • Julian R. Davis, Jr., M.D. vs. Carol Glann, M.D.

    Action No. RG08388059
    Superior Court, County of  Alameda - Judge Frank Roesch
    2008: Appointed Receiver for the dissolution of East Oakland Pediatric Medical Group, Inc. a medical practice specializing in pediatric care.  The Receiver negotiated a separation date with the doctors, worked with existing staff to complete medical billing, handled Medi-Cal and capitation payment issues,  separated patient medical records to the doctor of record and generally worked toward a dissolution of the Corporation.

  • In re: Globalign, Inc.

    Action No. 08-31329DM
    Appointment: Chapter 11 Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Dennis Montali
    2008: Chapter 11 Trustee for a technology enabled global services company offering business solutions in global resourcing and recruiting services. The Trustee operated the company for four months with Debtor in Possession funding. Marketed and sold the assets for $600,000 plus assumption of contracts before year end. Completed 2008 tax returns and converted the case to Chapter 7.

  • In re: Dick Bruhn, Inc.

    Action No. 07-51338RLE
    Appointment: Chief Restructuring Officer and Responsible Person
    Northern District of California - Judge Roger Efremsky
    2007: Susan Uecker was appointed Chief Restructuring Officer and Uecker & Associates, Inc. as the representative of the debtor estate. They prepared the Statement of Financial Affairs and Summary of Schedules for the three (3) Dick Bruhn, Inc. entities as follows:
            Butler's Uniforms
            Dick Bruhn Men's and Ladies' Stores
            Selix Formal Wear
    Uecker managed and operated Selix Formalwear at break even from May 2007 to sale date of January 28, 2008. Uecker completed the sale of two Butler's locations in Reno and Hayward and liquidated the remaining store in San Francisco. The men's and ladies' Bruhn Clothing stores were liquidated by a third party company in a going out of business sale held over 120 days and netting approximately $1 million to the estate. The CRO negotiated a Selix lease buy-out.  She provided the required WARN Act Notices and worked to resolve pension fund issues.

  • Templeton Associates, a California General Partnership vs. Akshay Dave, et al

    Action No. 105CV50781
    Superior Court, County of Santa Clara - Judge Joseph H. Huber
    2007:  Appointed Receiver to sell a seven (7) acre vacant parcel located in Mountain View, California.  The Receiver entertained numerous offers and sold the property for $2,050,000.00.

  • Active Reasoning

    San Mateo, California
    2007: Active Reasoning assets included intellectual property of value. The IP was marketed and sold for $2 million to a Fortune 500 company with payment in full to the secured creditor with net proceeds available for unsecured creditors. The remaining equipment assets were liquidated for the benefit of the creditors.

  • Elemental Securities, Inc.

    San Mateo, California
    2007: The intellectual property of Elemental Securities, Inc., including source code and documentation, policy templates, patents, trademarks and logos, domain name and customer contacts, was sold along with the building equipment and demonstration equipment for $100,000. A non-exclusive IP license was also sold by the Assignee. A distribution of $.94 on the $1.00 was issued to unsecured creditors.

  • In re: William and Lisa Hawkins

    Action No. 06-308415
    Appointment: Disbursing Agent and Liquidating Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Thomas E. Carlson
    2007: Appointed Disbursing Agent of estate with significant amounts due to the IRS. The estate was closed and per the Liquidating Plan of Reorganization specific assets were transferred to the Hawkins Trust including litigation settlement funds close to $1 million. The Liquidating Trustee is monitoring the remaining assets with distributions to the IRS.

  • Foodcomm International, Inc.

    Action No. 106 CV 058626
    Superior Court, County of Santa Clara - Judge Neil A. Cabrinha
    2006: Receiver appointed to wind up and dissolve the corporation through a proposed Plan of Dissolution.  The Plan required the preparation of a sale package and an auction procedure as a 'going concern'   and included all owned/leased equipment, corporate office building, leased Australia office, trademarks, goodwill, produce inventory, intellectual property, and corporate information including domain name, company name, website, copyrights, packaging and customer lists.  Just prior to going to the market for sale, the Receiver held several mediation sessions between the shareholders, which resulted in a buyout, and continuation of the business.

  • Tachkov vs Tachkova-Davenport

    Action No. CGC-06-452426
    Superior Court, County of San Francisco - Judge Ronald E. Quidachay
    2006: Appointed Receiver to handle all financial and business aspects of the ADS Hats, LLC store located on Valencia Street in San Francisco.  The Receiver completed an orderly retail liquidation of the inventory over a sixty-day period.  She was ordered to receive documentation from the parties to conduct a full and complete accounting from inception (2003) to present (2006).

  • People of State of California vs. Nansi Daniloo

    Action No. 379851B
    Superior Court, Alameda/Hayward Division - Judge Michael J. Gaffey
    2006: Appointed to take possession of a ladies 14K yellow gold and platinum solitaire diamond ring.  Arranged for an appraisal of the ring and solicited three offers ranging from $5,000 to $10,000.  Completed the sale with net funds available for restitution pursuant to Penal Code Section 186.11.

  • Tapwave, Inc.

    Mountain View, California
    2005: Tapwave was a company with a portfolio of innovative, media-centric products that combined the power and function of advanced handheld computing with console quality experience. The Zodiac, a multi-media handheld device, was one of the more well-known and highly praised products. The Assignee sold the intellectual property, technology, patents, trademarks and domain names as well as the inventory, primarily Zodiac units and accessories, for $500,000.

  • Grand Central Communications, Inc.

    San Francisco, California
    2005: Grand Central had technology that included the software products of Swivel, Business Network Services (BSN) and Blue Spark. The Assignee operated the business and maintained the customer contracts until a sale of assets was completed. The purchaser assumed debt, converted unsecured debt to equity (subordinating to remaining unsecureds), and paid cash for a total estimated value of $1 million dollars.

  • Powernetix

    San Jose, California
    2004: PowerNetix was an Internet Data Logistic Centre and Exchange. PowerNet Internet Exchange provided companies with high-availability connections to the Internet, dedicated connections, facilities management solution, Managed IP Transit services, Virtual Private Networking (VPN), video streaming facilities, data warehousing solutions, IP peering connections and virtual IP platform. Liquidation of intellectual property and technology, company or trade name/brand marks (trade and service)/ domain name and e-mail address and materials inventory. Additional sale of non-exclusive license to Unibond Technology.

  • Open Harbor

    San Carlos, California
    2004: Open Harbor provided global trade management solutions, which brought visibility and control to international transactions. They helped companies gain a competitive edge by automating their trade operations ensuring end-to-end efficiency of the supply chain and compliance with government regulations. The services, delivered on a state-of-the-art hosted platform, meet all of the demands of sourcing and selling around the world. The Assignee operated the business to ensure the transferability of significant customer contracts to the successful purchaser. The assets were sold for $1,154,000.

  • Black Pearl, Inc.

    San Francisco, California
    2004: Black Pearl, Inc. was engaged in the business of developing enterprise software solutions that proactively identify and prioritize hidden revenue opportunities and business risks, delivering actionable advise to the point of the decision eliminating costly manual processes. The company had ceased operations prior to the Assignment. The Assignee sold the intellectual property for $200,000 and liquidated the remaining personal property assets.

  • Arbitration Between Friedman Development and Farming Company and Eliott Cushman et al.

    Action No. 74 M 180 00623 010LMF
    Arbitrator - Bruce W. Belding
    2003: Receiver appointed to sell 291 Geary Street, a San Francisco landmark office and retail building located on Union Square. The property sold for $25.1 million in a Receivership auction with seven pre-qualified bidders and 35 overbids.

  • Michael E. Steed and Vintners' Golf Club LLC vs. David M. Levey, Redwood Empire Restaurants, et al

    Action No. C03-01516
    Superior Court, County of Contra Costa - Judge David B. Flinn
    2003: Receiver appointed to manage, operate, and sell assets including 26 Taco Bell Franchise locations throughout Contra Costa, Marin, Alameda, Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino counties, other real estate holdings in Hawaii and California, as well as a yacht and its slip.

  • Ekona Architecture and Planning

    San Francisco, California
    2003: Assignee for an architecture firm that specialized in the design of Greek Orthodox churches, community centers and public service buildings in the United States and Canada. Negotiation of sale of fixed assets and assignment of contracts.Attempted collection of more than $500,000 in accounts receivable.

  • ITN Satellite Services, Inc.

    San Francisco, California
    2003: Assignee for company founded in 1986 for one of the largest independent full service providers specializing in the organization, capture and distribution of content from its in-house facilities or from its network of remote locations through its fully operational technical infra-structure for broadcast quality transmission. Sale of majority of assets to a third party purchaser for $435,000 with assumption of secured leases and other debt obligations in excess of $800,000.

  • Innovics Wireless

    Los Angeles, California
    2003: Innovics Wireless is the first company to offer system-on-a-chip and IP diversity processing solutions for baseband processing in mobile terminals. Liquidation of intellectual property, test equipment and FF&E.

  • In re: Michael Muldoon Elder dba Vorpal Gallery

    Action No. 02-30677
    Appointment: Chapter 11 Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Thomas E. Carlson
    2003: Appointed Chapter 11 Trustee of Vorpal Gallery a 40 year old bi-coastal retail art gallery with more than 5,600 pieces of owned art appraised at $10 to $16 million. Negotiated insurance, storage and auction agreements, inventoried and created an inventory database, negotiated the San Francisco lease termination, marketed New York owned co-ops for sale at $1.5 and $2 million, negotiated judgment settlement agreement with largest creditor, researched large inventory of consigned works, reconstructed records to prepare tax returns for 2001 and 2002.

  • Merchants Bank of California vs. Bay Supermarket, Inc. dba Ocean Seafood; William C. Lim

    Action No. BC 272993
    Superior Court, County of Los Angeles - Judge Dzintra Janavs
    2002: Liquidation of 20,000 square foot Asian Grocery Store along with all fixtures and equipment located in South San Francisco within a thirty day time period.  Extensive on-site coordination of sale efforts.

  • General Electrical Capital Corp. vs. Greenleaf Distribution, Inc.

    Action No. 02-039664
    Superior Court, County of Alameda - Judge Ronald Sabraw
    2002:  Receiver appointed to manage, operate or liquidate a computer component company located in Fremont and in City of Industry. The company was liquidated with extensive accounts receivable collection work resulting in collections in excess of $1.5 million.  The receiver was required to respond to discovery and to comply she had to complete an inventory of 900+ boxes of records to create an index.  Sale of assets through private sales and auction with proceeds in excess of $1 million.

  • Jim Khosh vs. Kevin Le; Quickturn Circuit Link, Inc.; Circuit Link, Inc.

    Action No.  CV 805958 and CV 80758
    Superior Court, County of Santa Clara - Judge Joseph Biafore Jr.
    2002: Receiver was appointed to wind up and dissolve QTCLI (Quickturn Circuit Link, Inc.); a manufacturer of high quality bare printed circuit boards with high-speed requirements.  The company was located in the Silicon Valley and served customers worldwide.

  • Friends of Photography

    San Francisco, California
    2002: Assignee for Friends of Photography, a California non-profit public benefit corporation founded by Ansel Adams promoted the growth and visibility of the art of photography for more than thirty years through exhibitions, publications and educational experiences. The largest asset of the Friends was the Legacy Collection, 138 photographs by Ansel Adams. It was sold by the Assignee for its appraised value of $1,820,000. One hundred percent payment to creditors plus ten percent interest. Any remaining funds will be contributed to other non-profit originations.

  • HD Interconnect Technology

    Azusa, California
    2002: HD Interconnect Technology Corporation was a company that focused on the development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of adhesiveless thin copper laminates (single and double sided with maximum copper thickness less than 10 micro inches) to the Flexible Circuit Industries. Products were initially comprised of adhesiveless thin Copper and Polyimide films (COP). The assets were sold for $400,000 along with an assumption of the leased premises. One hundred percent payment to creditors plus ten percent interest and a partial distribution to shareholders.

  • In re: Theodore Connolly/Connolly Development, Inc.

    Action No. 95-1-1748 and 95-1-1749
    Appointment: Liquidation Agent
    Northern District of California - Judge Alan Jaroslovsky
    2002: Liquidating Agent for the sale of miscellaneous assets including real estate in Siskiyou County.
    Distributions to creditors.

  • First American Title Company of Marin vs. David A. Loss, Gina A. Loss, Shahnam Davani, et al

    Action No. CV011017
    Superior Court, Marin County - Judge Lynn Duryee
    2001: Oversight of approximately 800 acre ranch known as Rim Rock Ranch, which includes a ranch house on the premises.  The Receiver sold the property for $2.1million to a winery group.

  • Resolution Health Strategies, Inc.

    San Jose, California
    2001: Assignee for a provider of health care information services that provides pharmaceutical, biotech and devise manufacturers with targeted product promotion and helps organized health care delivery systems such as Blue Shield improve the quality of care they deliver. Sale of assets within short period of time such that staff and locations were preserved. $300,000 cash, release of claims totaling $1.4 million for total consideration of $1.7 million. Review and compile creditor information.

  • In re: Raymond W. Hrdlicka

    Action No. 00-45827T
    Appointment: Chapter 11 Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Leslie Tchaikovsky
    2001: Sales of approximately $6 million of real property assets, both office and apartment, realized from bankruptcy estate. Debtor operated Bail Bonds business through 24 entities in 10 states where corporation was 100% owned by debtor. Additionally there were two entities where the corporation was 49% owned by the debtor and six sole proprietorships operating through one of the corporate entities. Interaction with Chapter 7 Trustee for corporate entities in matters where both estates have an interest in resolution and/or recovery. Compilation of account information for tax preparation and general Trustee duties. Negotiation and settlement of large insurer claim from $4,535,000 to $600,000.

  • LifeChart.com, Inc.

    Mountain View, California
    2001: Assignee for a provider of a technology platform that improved the effectiveness and efficiency of care management. Developed a technology that employed web applications, portable medical devices and communications to enable connectivity for remote health care management. Negotiate the sale of assets with a release of secured debt. The sale was for cash at $100,000 with the buyer assuming accrued salaries, wages, commissions, benefits, sick leave and vacation pay not to exceed $250,000. Buyer also assumed debt to Sitra of $250,000. Total consideration of $600,000. Review and compile creditor information.

  • Flycode, Inc.

    San Francisco, California
    2001: Assignee for a peer-to-peer venture with strategic focus on the funding, development and exploitation of a secure on-line video and image distribution technology. Flycode developed and released a beta version of its client software in 2001. Sale of patent application.

  • Laptop Lane Limited

    Bellevue, Washington
    2001: Assignee for a computer facility company that provided computer access from the following airports:
    Denver, Oakland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Phoenix, Portland, Vancouver,
    Tampa, St. Louis, Orlando, Philadelphia, SFO, Dulles and Washington, D.C.
    Sale of leasehold interests and reduction of remaining lease claims. An approximate 23% distribution to unsecured creditors.

  • Ion Implant Services

    Sunnyvale, California
    Austin, Texas
    2001: Assignee for market leader of outsource supplier of ion implementation for over 22 years. Sale of majority of assets to a third party purchaser, which included reduction of $2.85 million of secured debt. Review and compilation of creditor information.

  • Symphony Systems

    Campbell, California
    2002: Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors for provider of equipment productivity management software solutions for maximizing the productivity of capital equipment by equipment users and equipment manufacturers. Sale of assets for $875,000 with office lease and leased equipment assumptions for NEC America, Inc. and Telephone System.

  • In re: Ron McNiel, Sr.

    Action No. 97-56350ASW
    Appointment: Chapter 7 Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Arthur S. Weissbrodt
    2000: Liquidation of Pennsylvania real estate for $95,000. Investigation of promissory notes and numerous partnership interests. As Trustee moved for the appointment of a Receiver in partnership cases to manage and liquidate the assets. Receiver recovered approximately $3.8 million in partnership assets to the estate.  Additionally sold industrial property in Michigan for $500,000, retail property in Scotts Valley for $1.4 million and an office building in San Jose for $4,750,000 along with machinery and equipment for $2.7 million.

  • Chow vs. Chow

    Action No. D99-00881
    Superior Court, Contra Costa County - Judge Josanna Berkow
    2000: A divorce action involving the management and operation of the Oriental Market located in Oakland's Chinatown.  Acted as mediator in settlement conference which resulted in a settlement between the parties.

  • State Street Bank and Trust vs. WindPower Partners 1989, L.P.

    Action No. 17043
    Superior Court, Solano County - Judge Franklin R. Taft
    2001: The subject of this Receivership, WindPower Partners 1989 (WPP89), is one of three partnerships that own wind turbine projects (the Wind Plant Assets) in the Altamont Pass region of Alameda County and in Solano County. The Wind Plant Assets consist of 717 wind turbine generators, a power collection system and a communication system. The Receiver sold the assets for $14.5 million.

  • Fresh Latitudes World Café, Inc. previously known as World Wrapps, Inc.

    San Francisco, California
    2000: Assignee for an 18 store 'Pacific Rim' type fast food chain with locations throughout Northern and Southern California. Sale of assets for $400,000 plus lease assumptios to a third party purchaser. Landlord negotiations, review and compilation of creditor information.

  • Hawaiian Distribution Systems, Inc. (HDS)

    San Leandro, California
    Los Angeles, California
    Seattle, Washington
    2000: Assignee for a shipping container company. Sale of all assets including leasehold interest in Los Angeles and sale of furniture, fixtures and equipment in San Leandro and Seattle. Worked with secured creditor until paid in full with balance of accounts receivable available to general unsecured creditors.

  • Greens.com

    Scottsdale, Arizona
    Beaverton, Oregon
    2000: Assignee for a golf reservations Internet company. Sale of all assets including website and domain name to third party purchaser for $2.1 million. Establishment of creditor listing for disbursement to creditors. An interim distribution of $.05 was issued to general unsecured creditors. Extensive income, sales and payroll tax preparation.

  • BeautyScene.com

    San Francisco, California
    2000: Assignee of an ebusiness cosmetic retailer. Sale of website and all assets to third party purchaser for $400,000 plus assumption of leases within an extremely limited time frame due to diminishing value of the assets. Establishment of creditor listing for disbursement to creditors. Extensive payroll reconciliation work for pre-assignment period to determine tax liability.

  • San Francisco Science Funds, LLC vs. Transderm Diagnostics, Inc.

    Action No. 313601
    Superior Court, County of San Francisco - Judge David A. Garcia
    2001: Receiver in Aid of Execution of Judgment. Sale of Patent Application and Intangible assets pursuant to CCP 701.510. 

  • Kwang Davis vs. Sung Ja Tavaglione

    Action No. 154690
    Superior Court, San Francisco County - Judge Carlos Bea
    2000: Appointed as a Receiver with limited jurisdiction to sell a San Francisco liquor license.

  • Finova Capital Corporation vs. RJW Lumber Company

    Action No. 224656
    Superior Court, Sonoma County - Judge Laurence K. Sawyer
    2000: Receiver for lumber company in Healdsburg that had closed prior to appointment. Employed auctioneer to liquidate remaining lumber, lumber equipment, vehicles and office equipment.

  • In re: Personal Cellular Services, Inc.

    Action No. 98-48307-N
    Appointment: Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Randall J. Newsome
    2000: Manage and operate cellular phone company with 3,500 customers in the Bay Area. Sold the telecom company to a third party purchaser for $1.2 million. Negotiated and settled litigation with a large cellular phone service provider.

  • In re: Big Words.com

    Action No. 00-32627-TC
    Appointment: Chapter 11 Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Thomas E. Carlson
    2000: Liquidation of the number one online textbook retailer as well as the fastest growing
    e-commerce provider for 18-24 year olds. The textbook physical inventory was sold for
    $1 million and other assets were liquidated.

  • In re: Uniteq Application Systems, Inc.

    Action No. 00-44898J
    Appointment: Chapter 11 Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Edward Jellen
    2000: Uniteq designed, developed and licensed warehouse and labor management software for use in industrial and grocery establishments. Sale and liquidation of software and labor management systems. Extensive accounts receivable work through Chicago office of Uniteq.

  • In re: W. R. (Peggy) Walker

    Action No. 98-4-6059 N
    Appointment: Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Randall J. Newsome
    2000: Sale of real property assets comprising an apartment building which sold for $235,000 and office building which sold for $2,500,000 located in Oakland, California. Evaluation of proposed real property asset located in Oakland to be considered for an exchange. Compilation of accounting information for tax preparation and general Trustee duties.

  • In re: Frost & Berman Capital, Inc.

    Action No. 997684
    Superior Court, San Francisco County - Judge Ronald Evans Quidachay
    1999: Court appointed representative in corporate dissolution & winding up.  The firm was a merger, acquisition and financial Advisory firm exclusively focused on digital content in the entertainment, educator and business software sectors.  Appointed to review and make recommendations on employee retention and compensation, lease valuation, sale of FF & E, compensation for collections of accounts receivable, disposition of pension plan, transfer or disposition of existing clients and contracts, ownership of company names, and timing and distribution of any other assets of the company.

  • Sanwa Bank California vs. Canary Technology Services, Inc., et al

    Action No. H209987-3
    Superior Court, County of Alameda - Judge Bonnie Lewman Sabraw
    1999: Analyze and make a determination to liquidate a high technology equipment manufacturer located in Fremont, CA.  Collection of accounts receivable and eventual equipment liquidation value of  $133,000.

  • Citibank, Federal Savings Bank, a Federal Savings Bank vs. Shen Motor Company, et al

    Action No. 409557
    Superior Court, San Mateo County - Judge James H. Ellis
    1999: Manage and operate four car dealerships located in Burlingame and Redwood City, California as follows:
    Shen Motor Company - Infiniti - Redwood City
    Shen Lincoln-Mercury-Mitsubishi - Burlingame
    President Chevrolet-Geo, Inc. - Burlingame
    Extensive accounting and administrative issues.  Sale of two dealerships through negotiations with potential purchasers resulting in $500,000 to Estate.  Auction of remaining assets.  Coordination and closing of pension.

  • West America Commercial Credit Inc. vs. U. S. Curoco Corporation

    Action No. 011975
    Superior Court, Solano County - David Edwin Power 
    1999: Manage, operate and liquidate a galvanized steel manufacturing plant located in Richmond, CA. Staff of 34 employees and heavy industrial equipment valued at $700,000.

  • Larry D. Unitan, Virtual Task Group, Inc. vs. Sue Gibson

    Action No. 792613-4
    Superior Court, Alameda County - Judge Henry E. Needham, Jr.
    1998: Operation of computer consulting business; reconstructing of contract files and oversight of employee/consulting staff to complete existing contracts with Fortune 500 companies such as Lucent Technologies, Ernst & Young, and IBM. Completion of corporate dissolution pursuant to a court approved settlement.

  • People of the State of California vs. Phillip W. Brockman

    Action No. 797820-5
    Superior Court, Alameda County - Judge Philip V. Sarkisian
    1998: Analyze and negotiate liquidation of 507,000 shares of  preferred stock in an interactive video and service company with a goal of becoming the Internet leader in real estate, sports and resort marketing.  Interest and liquidation of residence valued at $650,000, and personal property valued at $21,000 located in Fremont.  Funds were distributed by order of the Court to the 96 victims of the defendant's fraudulent transactions.  Largest restitution recovery in Alameda County in 1999.

  • In re: Trans-Action Commercial Mortgage Investors, Ltd.

    Action No. 97-46123-T-11
    Appointment: Chapter 11 Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Leslie Tchaikovsky
    1998: A limited partnership controlling 100% of another limited partnership interest in the Berkeley Land Company, which controls the ground lease on the Berkeley Center. The Center, located in Berkeley, California, includes the Shattuck Hotel, the Landmark theaters and five retail properties comprising 16,000 square feet, and office space comprising 52,000 square feet. Additionally, the partnership has an interest in the Berkeley Conference Center, 27,000 square feet of commercial space also located in Berkeley. The 174 room Shattuck Hotel was sold for $8.5 million.

  • In re: StreamLogic Corporation

    Action No. 97-32984 DM
    Appointment: Disbursing Agent
    Northern District of California - Judge Dennis Montali
    1998: Management and sale of 80,000 sq. ft. industrial property located in Chatsworth, California for $2.8 million. StreamLogic developed and manufactured information storage products and systems; designed, manufactured, and sold disk drives; and publicly traded stock. Extensive claims work relating to defective merchandise and warranty claims for disk drives. Disbursement of payments to creditors and accounting under a Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization.

  • In re: Belmont Gardens Associates, L.P.

    Action No. 97-33270-DM
    Appointment: Liquidating Agent
    Northern District of California - Judge Dennis Montali
    1998: Marketing and bulk sale of 19 condominium units for $3,850,000. Completion of Department of Real Estate requirements to obtain White Report, including budgeting and construction reports. Disbursement to creditors pursuant to an Order of the Court.

  • Lois Henderson vs. Thomas Henderson

    Action No. 094-00322
    Superior Court, Contra Costa County - Judge Johanna Berkow
    1997: A divorce action involving numerous businesses, primarily seafood and wood product enterprises.  Review and analysis of court reports to determine viability of businesses.  Acted as mediator in an extensive settlement conference which resulted in a settlement between the parties.

  • Heller First Capital Corporation vs. Boss Auto Parts

    Action No. H197903-3
    Superior Court, Alameda County, Hayward Division - Judge John F. Kraetzer
    1997: Liquidation of retail auto parts store located in Fremont, California.

  • Bank of the Orient vs.Cane & Reed Imports, Inc., et al.

    Action No. 990578
    Superior Court, San Francisco County - Judge Raymond D. Williamson, Jr.
    1997: Liquidation of retail wicker furniture store and wholesale outlet located in South San Francisco, California.  Successful collection of accounts receivable and coordination and completion of tax returns.

  • P. Judith Lindsey vs. Dionne Uribe, et al.

    Action No. 974921
    Superior Court, San Francisco County - Judge William Cahill
    1996: Dissolution of travel agency partnership known as Easy Travel located in San Francisco, California.  Involved detailed review of partners' documents in determining final accounting of assets and liabilities, any money the partnership is obligated to transfer to either party, and any other dispute which could be resolved by a monetary determination or transfer of property.  Court accepted recommendations of Receiver.

  • Union Bank of California, N.A. vs. California Carpet Outlet, Inc., et al.

    Action No. 981578
    Superior Court, San Francisco County - Judge David Garcia
    1996: Operation and sale of retail carpet company; consolidation of inventory and auction of all inventory.  The case required extensive review of books, records, and inventory reconciliation.  Also involved reconstruction and collection of accounts receivable via installation of purchased inventory.  Oversight of staff to complete outstanding installation jobs.

  • Donald Bruzzone, Mary A. Bruzzone, et al. vs. Russell Bruzzone, Milton Bruzzone, et al.

    Action No. 723019-0
    Superior Court, Alameda County - Judge William A. McKinstrey
    1996: Sale of three parcels of unimproved land totaling 8.3 acres for $2,600,000 and located in Alameda, California.

  • William Broach, Trustee for Shayani vs. Elaine Hull

    Action No. 92-45977 JR
    Appointment: Receiver
    Northern District of California - Judge Edward Jellen
    1996: Dissolution of Hull B. Hull partnership. Disbursement of funds after extensive research to complete partnership tax returns (10 years of returns) from inception of the partnership, involving tax deferred exchange.

  • Dependable Acceptance Co. vs. Glacier Bottled Water Company, et al.

    Action No. H 161928-7
    Superior Court, Alameda County - Judge Ronald M. Sabraw
    1993: Management, operation and liquidation of a bottled water plant located in Hayward, California.

  • Growers Produce vs. Hoon Chul Chun, United Produce, et al.

    Action No. C92-04146
    Superior Court, Contra Costa County - Judge David A. Dolgin
    1993: Sale of real and personal property located in Richmond, California, pursuant to judgment of foreclosure.

  • In re: Taldan Investment Company, Inc.

    Action No. 92-32514-LK
    Appointment: Liquidation Agent
    Northern District - Judge Thomas Carlson
    1993: Liquidation of 60 condominium units located in Oakland sold for approximately $100,000 a unit, 4 luxury condominium units in San Francisco sold for $725,000 - $1.9 million, one mini-storage facility with 964 units located in San Mateo and sold for $5,825,000,  vacant land (15.6 acres) located in Tiburon for $2.2 million, vacant land at Ocean Beach in San Francisco for $3 million and one medical building in San Mateo which sold for $1.8 million.  Operation of mini-storage facility and management of medical building. Completion of Chapter 22 Plan of Reorganization.

  • State Street Bank and Trust Company vs. Yolo Gas Recovery Corporation

    Action No. 69487
    Superior Court, Yolo County - Judge Stephen Mock
    1991: Operation and sale of a landfill gas system located near Davis, California.  The gas from the landfill fueled an energy conversion system and the generated power was delivered to Pacific, Gas & Electric. Removal of toxic chemicals and contaminated soil.

  • In re: Majestic Wine Corporation

    Action No. 4-89-00474
    Appointment: Liquidating Trustee
    Northern District - Judge Randall Newsome
    1991: Liquidation of two real property leases, extensive work and interaction with the PBGC in winding up the pension plan, disbursements to creditors and completion of the Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization.

  • People of the State of California vs. Renee Elyse Rosier

    Action No. 99283
    Superior Court, Alameda County - Judge Michael E. Ballachey
    1990: Liquidation of personal property pursuant to a restitution order.  Property located in Point Richmond, California.

  • In re: Robert C. and Helga Johnson

    Action No. 3-87-03262
    Appointment: Plan Administrator
    Northern District - Judge Lloyd King
    1990: Liquidation of real property and securities under Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization.

  • People of the State of California vs. Carl Douglas Washington

    Action No. 93588
    Superior Court, Alameda County - Judge Stanley P. Golde
    1989: Supervision of KONG Television, Inc. assets, which includes television construction permit located in Everett, Washington. Worked with the FCC on compliance and sale of permit.

  • Parmar vs. Parmar

    Action No. 649703-5
    Superior Court, Alameda County - Judge Michael E. Ballachey
    1989: Sale of retail outlet plus an additional retail outlet with real estate and restaurant sublease located in Berkeley, California, and a manufacturing outlet with wholesale distribution located in San Leandro, California.  All assets sold pursuant to partnership dissolution.

  • In re: Bair Island Marina

    Action No. 4-88-00769-W
    Appointment: Trustee
    Northern District - Judge Randall Newsome
    1989: Enforced existing sale of 7.3 acres of undeveloped land located in South San Francisco, California.

  • In re: Ruth Fairley Howard

    Action No. 4-88-03105
    Appointment: Trustee
    Northern District - Judge Randall Newsome
    1989: Management of four single-family rentals and sale of one single-family residence located in Oakland, California, and one office building with warehouse facility located in Richmond, California.

  • In re: Choice Financial Services, Inc.

    Action No. 5-89-001472
    Appointment: Trustee
    Northern District - Judge James R. Grube
    1989: Management, operation, and sale of a 73-bed convalescent hospital located in Fremont, California. Real estate loan business and miscellaneous real property.

  • In re: William and Nancy Connolly

    Action No. 3-88-02226
    Appointment: Trustee
    Northern District - Judge Thomas Carlson
    1989: Operation of a 5,000-acre exotic animal ranch and a 60-acre ranch located which sold for $350,000 in Klamath Falls and Jacksonville, Oregon. Other assets include oil and gas leases, farm equipment, a single-family residence which sold for $850,000 located in Marin County and two airplanes. Liquidation of all assets under Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization.

  • Concord Toyota Sales vs. Khalsa European Motors

    Action No. C88-00936
    Superior Court, Contra Costa County - Judge Michael J. Phelan
    1988: Possession and sale of four custom automobiles located in Concord, California.

  • In re: Bay Area Location Caterers dba The Boathouse

    Action No. 3-85-02653
    Appointment: Trustee
    Northern District - Judge Jack Rainville
    1986: Sale of leasehold interest in restaurant, bar, banquet facilities, and boating/fishing concession located at Lake Merced in San Francisco, California. Negotiation with the lessor, the City of San Francisco for sale of the lease.

  • John Pellerin vs. Patrick Keogh

    Action No. 509-966
    Superior Court, Santa Clara County - Judge Peter G. Stone
    1984: Sale of liquor license located in Pacifica, California.