• Western, Inc . dba Healthy Soil

    Western Technologies   
    2017   Uecker & Associates, Inc. as Consultant to Western Technologies, Inc. dba Healthy Soil.  Supervised and directed business operations along with the sale process for the business.  The assignment included working with staff on day to day operations including financial and tax reporting.  Uecker & Associates, Inc. prepared a sale term sheet and solicited interest for the sale of the Business.  Many parties were interested with (12) executed non-disclosure agreements.  An offer was received;  however, it was decided to work with a key employee on the purchase of the business

    Expert Witness for Whitman
    2017   Review of Receiver fiduciary duties.  Qualified as an Expert Witness and testified at tial.      

    La Petite Baleen, Inc.
    Half Moom Bay, California
    2016   Appointed Provisional Direactor.  Uecker attends and participates in Board Meetings.

    Consultant for Cymtec Systems, Inc.Santa Clara, California
    2014   Uecker & Associates, Inc. was retained as the Liquidation Agent for Cymtec Systems, Inc.  The Company had closed in February 2014 and needed to orderly wind down its affairs.  A claims process was instituted with claims reviewed and settlement payments negotiated.  Extensive accounting work and tax preparation was required for 2013 and 2014.  A formal dissolution process began in 2015.

    Expert Witness for Boehning (Donahue firm)
    Union City, California

    2013   Review of income and expense repots, preparation of lease summaries and property analysis for two (2) properties with retail and office tenants.