• ALZ Lee, LLC, et al, vs. Shacuan Sharon Lee, et al

    Action No. GCG-14-539032
    Action No. GCG-14-539033
    Action No. GCG-14-539034
    Action No. GCG-14-539035
    Action No. GCG-14-539036
    Superior Court, County of San Francisco, Judge Ronald E. Quidachay
    2015: Appointed Referee for six properties located in San Francisco, California in order to send a notice to submit verified claim per title reports within 20 days and request a response in 20 days.  Within 15 days of Receipt of  Claims, the Referee submitted a written Referee Claim liens report.  Supplemental reports were submitted as additional information was received.  The partition orders are pending.
    The properties include the following: 
    350 Beach Street, San Francisco, California - commercial building with a public parking structure, rental car office with parking and a restaurant

    71 Water Street, San Francisco, California  - a three unit apartment building
    1750 Grant Avenue, Unit B, Unit C, Unit D and Unit E,  San Francisco, California  - residential  condominium units

  • Evgeni Litvak, et zl vs. Yuri Galashov, et al

    Action No. GCG 11-511609
    Superior Court, County of San Francisaco Unlimited Civil Jurisdiction, Judge Peter J. Busch
    2013:  Appointed Referee in a partition action to sell one condominium unit in a two condominium unit building located at 547 27th Avenue, San Francisco, California.  The property was listed and sold for $950,000.  The Referee worked with the other condominium owner to set up a temporary Home Owner’s Association account for common area charges and accounting per the CC&R’s.  An accounting report for the Court was also required.

  • 1700 California Holdings, LLC vs. Tania Trednnick Peggs, as Trustee of the Allibert Marital Trust et al

    Action No. CGC 10-5005764
    Superior Court, County of San Francisco - Judge James McBride
    2012:  Appointed Referee for a partition sale auction of the land at 1700 California Street, San Francisco, California.  The .54 acre parcel is ground leased to the owner of the Leasehold Improvements through December 31, 2035.  The Leasehold Improvements are owned by the ground tenant but upon expiration, the Leasehold Improvements revert to the land owner.  The Referee engaged the services of a real estate broker to market the property for sale to national and international buyers.  The sale consisted of multiple qualified buyers, 179 overbids and a sale price of $30.4 million.

  • Gregory Finkelson, Trustee of the 2008 STVKA Trust vs Ludmila Romasenko, et al

    Action No. CIV 498926
    Superior Court, San Mateo County Unlimited Civil Jurisdiction - Judge Marta S. Diaz
    2012:  Referee appointed in a partition action to sell a four unit apartment building located at 879 Bellevue Avenue, Daly City, California.  The property was listed and sold for $880,800.00 (over the asking price).  The Referee worked with counsel on an eviction of a tenant prior to closing the sale and an accounting report for the Court.