Personal Property: Matters
  • Friends of Photography

    San Francisco, California
    2002: Assignee for Friends of Photography, a California non-profit public benefit corporation founded by Ansel Adams promoted the growth and visibility of the art of photography for more than thirty years through exhibitions, publications and educational experiences. The largest asset of the Friends was the Legacy Collection, 138 photographs by Ansel Adams. It was sold by the Assignee for its appraised value of $1,820,000. One hundred percent payment to creditors plus ten percent interest. Any remaining funds will be contributed to other non-profit originations.

  • Laptop Lane Limited

    Bellevue, Washington
    2001: Assignee for a computer facility company that provided computer access from the following airports:
    Denver, Oakland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Phoenix, Portland, Vancouver,
    Tampa, St. Louis, Orlando, Philadelphia, SFO, Dulles and Washington, D.C.
    Sale of leasehold interests and reduction of remaining lease claims. An approximate 23% distribution to unsecured creditors.

  • Hawaiian Distribution Systems, Inc. (HDS)

    San Leandro, California
    Los Angeles, California
    Seattle, Washington
    2000: Assignee for a shipping container company. Sale of all assets including leasehold interest in Los Angeles and sale of furniture, fixtures and equipment in San Leandro and Seattle. Worked with secured creditor until paid in full with balance of accounts receivable available to general unsecured creditors.

  • Kwang Davis vs. Sung Ja Tavaglione

    Action No. 154690
    Superior Court, San Francisco County - Judge Carlos Bea
    2000: Appointed as a Receiver with limited jurisdiction to sell a San Francisco liquor license.

  • Finova Capital Corporation vs. RJW Lumber Company

    Action No. 224656
    Superior Court, Sonoma County - Judge Laurence K. Sawyer
    2000: Receiver for lumber company in Healdsburg that had closed prior to appointment. Employed auctioneer to liquidate remaining lumber, lumber equipment, vehicles and office equipment.

  • West America Commercial Credit Inc. vs. U. S. Curoco Corporation

    Action No. 011975
    Superior Court, Solano County - David Edwin Power 
    1999: Manage, operate and liquidate a galvanized steel manufacturing plant located in Richmond, CA. Staff of 34 employees and heavy industrial equipment valued at $700,000.

  • Growers Produce vs. Hoon Chul Chun, United Produce, et al.

    Action No. C92-04146
    Superior Court, Contra Costa County - Judge David A. Dolgin
    1993: Sale of real and personal property located in Richmond, California, pursuant to judgment of foreclosure.

  • People of the State of California vs. Renee Elyse Rosier

    Action No. 99283
    Superior Court, Alameda County - Judge Michael E. Ballachey
    1990: Liquidation of personal property pursuant to a restitution order.  Property located in Point Richmond, California.

  • Concord Toyota Sales vs. Khalsa European Motors

    Action No. C88-00936
    Superior Court, Contra Costa County - Judge Michael J. Phelan
    1988: Possession and sale of four custom automobiles located in Concord, California.

  • John Pellerin vs. Patrick Keogh

    Action No. 509-966
    Superior Court, Santa Clara County - Judge Peter G. Stone
    1984: Sale of liquor license located in Pacifica, California.