• Viking Trading

    Viking Trading Company dba Unicorn Books and Crafts
    Petaluma, California
    2015:     The business inventory, fixed assets along with website and toll free telephone number were sold.  Additionally, significant accounts receivable were billed and collected.  the office and equipment lease(s) were assumed by the buyer.

  • 1700 California Holdings, LLC vs. Tania Trednnick Peggs, as Trustee of the Allibert Marital Trust et al

    Action No. CGC 10-5005764
    Superior Court, County of San Francisco - Judge James McBride
    2012:  Appointed Referee for a partition sale auction of the land at 1700 California Street, San Francisco, California.  The .54 acre parcel is ground leased to the owner of the Leasehold Improvements through December 31, 2035.  The Leasehold Improvements are owned by the ground tenant but upon expiration, the Leasehold Improvements revert to the land owner.  The Referee engaged the services of a real estate broker to market the property for sale to national and international buyers.  The sale consisted of multiple qualified buyers, 179 overbids and a sale price of $30.4 million.

  • Blackburn & Sons Realty Capital Corporation vs. Olawummi Hassan (aka) Ola Hassan

    Action No. 112CV219216
    Superior Court, Santa Clara County - Judge Patricia M. Lucas
    2012: Receiver appointed for 167 and 187 South Main Street, Milpitas, California.  The property consists of two separate buildings with 3,000 square feet and 1,000 square feet respectively.  The properties are occupied by food service related tenants.  The debtor filed for Chapter 7 and the Receiver was excused from turnover.

  • GECC vs. Walker

    Action No. S-CV-27386
    Superior Court, County of Placer - Judge Charles Wachob
    2010:  The Receiver was appointed to preserve, maintain and sell the vacant 4,420 square feet office building located at 680 Sunrise Avenue in Roseville, California.  A broker was engaged to actively market and sell the property subject to court approval.  The Receiver engaged a real estate broker to list the property for sale.

  • Cathay Bank vs Apex R.E.I.G.N. Corp, et al

    Action No.:  34-2009-0056482
    Superior Court, County of Sacramento - Judge Shelleyanne W. Chang
    2009: Receiver for an 11,000 square foot retail center located at 7472 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, California and referred to as Apex Plaza.


  • Kitchenworks, Inc.

    San Rafael, California
    2009:  Assignee of a construction/kitchen refacing company.  Assignee handling creditor notification and preservation of tax refunds until determination of priority interest therein as between the Internal Revenue Service and secured creditor claims.

  • Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp. vs. Superior Auto of East Bay, LLC

    Action No.  RG09437292
    Superior Court, County of Alameda - Judge Richard Keller
    2009: Receiver appointed to take possession of a 185,000 square foot Superior Toyota of Oakland dealership with a sales and service department located at 8181 Oakport Street, Oakland, California.  Worked with general contractor to complete work and obtain City of Oakland Occupancy Permit.

  • Heritage Bank of Commerce vs. Toan Cong Bui

    Action No. 109-CV-140824
    Superior Court, County of Santa Clara - Judge James Emerson
    2009: Appointed Receiver for two properties as follows:
    Pacific Grove Property - consists of a convenience store, service bay and gas station with three pumps each with two fueling stations.
    Marina Property -consists of a convenience store with a motel lobby and reservation area, a forty-one room motel in five two story buildings with combined area of approximately 15,000 square feet, and a gas station with a total of six fueling stations.  A broker was engaged to assist in the sale of the Marina property.

  • Arbitration Between Friedman Development and Farming Company and Eliott Cushman et al.

    Action No. 74 M 180 00623 010LMF
    Arbitrator - Bruce W. Belding
    2003: Receiver appointed to sell 291 Geary Street, a San Francisco landmark office and retail building located on Union Square. The property sold for $25.1 million in a Receivership auction with seven pre-qualified bidders and 35 overbids.

  • Citicorp Real Estate, Inc. vs. Chrysler MacNally Corporation, et al

    Action No. 304815
    Superior Court, County of San Francisco - Judge David A. Garcia
    1999: Receiver for master lease of 223,000 sq. ft. historic office building with an additional 42,000 sq. ft. of retail space.  The retail space includes a food court with a dozen restaurant tenants.

  • Citicorp Real Estate, Inc., a Delaware corporation vs. Rincon Center Associates, et al

    Action No. 304816
    Superior Court, County of San Francisco - Judge David A. Garcia
    1999: Receiver for 320 luxury high-rise apartment units subject to below market rents program through the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.  A 190,000 sq. ft. office building with an additional 20,500 sq. ft. of retail space with completion of tenant improvement work and lease negotiations.

  • Wilshire Credit Corporation vs. Robert E. Oslar, Kay C. Oslar, et al.

    Action No. SCV 215630
    Superior Court, Sonoma County - Judge Lawrence K. Sawyer
    1997: Receiver appointed to manage a commercial property consisting of a 24-lane bowling center comprising approximately 27,000 square feet located in Windsor, California.  Renegotiation of lease.

  • Great Northern Insured Annuity Corp. vs. Firouzbakht, et al.

    Action No.V97000098
    Superior Court, Yolo County - Judge Thomas E. Warriner
    1997: Oversight and management of retail property consisting of approximately 26,110 square feet located in Woodland, California.

  • Bank of the Orient vs.Prospero Asen - Loo, Bette Asen-Loo, et al.

    Action No. 990614
    Superior Court, San Francisco County - Judge Raymond D. Williamson, Jr.
    1997: Oversight and management of a retail building consisting of approximately 6,200 square feet located in San Francisco, California.

  • Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. vs. Packwood, Szakacs and Hollinger, Raymond G. Packwood, et al.

    Action No. 96AS05931
    Superior Court, Sacramento County - Judge John R. Lewis
    1996: Oversight and management of a retail/commercial property consisting of approximately 18,000 square feet located in Sacramento, California.

  • Wells Fargo Bank, Petitioner, In the Matter of the Peter Venturino Trust Under Will

    Action No. 265064
    Superior Court, San Francisco County - Judge Pro Tempore Carol Yaggy
    1995: Oversight and management of a retail property in San Francisco, California with total roof  replacement,  pursuant to Court order for the trust.

  • The Bank of California vs. Piu Yeung

    Action No. 941749
    Superior Court, San Francisco County - Judge Edward Stern
    1992: Receiver appointed to manage two retail buildings (totaling 15,000 square feet) with primarily restaurant tenants located in San Francisco, California.

  • Parmar vs. Parmar

    Action No. 649703-5
    Superior Court, Alameda County - Judge Michael E. Ballachey
    1989: Sale of retail outlet plus an additional retail outlet with real estate and restaurant sublease located in Berkeley, California, and a manufacturing outlet with wholesale distribution located in San Leandro, California.  All assets sold pursuant to partnership dissolution.

  • Bank of Contra Costa vs. NLS Investments

    Action No. 863-908
    Superior Court, San Francisco County - Judge Lucy Kelly McCabe
    1986: Oversight and management of a retail building (54,000 square feet) with adjacent vacant land (44,500 square feet) located in San Francisco, California.