Research and Development

  • Sorbent Therapeutics, Inc.

    Sunnyvale, California
      Therapeutics, Inc. was a biopharmaceutical company developing therapies for cardiovascular and renal diseases.  The most recent 3rd Quarter 2014 STEPWISE clinical study results did not produce the anticipated results and the Company engaged Uecker & Associates, Inc. as Assignee.  We retained patent counsel to prepare a patent review and summary.  The IP patents were sold for $425,000.

  • General Electric Capital Corporation vs. Oakland Brokaw Partners

    Action No. CV756211
    Superior Court, Santa Clara County - Judge Jeremy Fogel
    1996: Oversight and management of an 83,600-square-foot research-and-development building located in San Jose, California; negotiation of lease for 15,220 square feet; oversight of tenant improvement buildout of $228,000.

  • Bank of America National Trust & Savings Association, et al. vs. Mathew F.C. Miau, et al.

    Action No. CV758287
    Superior Court, Santa Clara County - Judge Mead Ambler
    1996: Oversight and management of a research-and-development building consisting of approximately 20,946 square feet located in Santa Clara, California.

  • The Prudential Insurance Company of America vs. Orchard Investment Company, et al.

    Action No. CV746058
    Superior Court, Santa Clara County - Judge Richard C. Turrone
    1994: Oversight of San Jose office and research and development properties totaling 1,646,669 square feet and comprising 16 buildings.