Miscellaneous Real Estate

  • Francis Vait vs. Lorenza Vait

    Action No. FF-009473741
    Superior Court, County of Alameda - Commissioner Thomas J. Nixon
    2011:  Appointed Receiver for five properties including three single family homes, one condominium and an ownership share in a privately owned recreational facility.  Prepared and submitted a Receiver's Report on real estate with description, occupancy, mortgage, property taxes, income, opinion of value and condition comments.  Additionally reported on other Receivership assets including vehicles, stock, life insurance policies, CalPers retirement benefits and judgments.

  • Central Valley 1206, LLC vs Del Valle Capital Corporation, Inc.

    Action No. 34-2011-00103034
    Superior Court, County of Sacramento - Judge Shellyanne W.L. Chang
    Receiver appointed for a single family home development with eighteen partially completed homes located in several parcels at Joseph Place, AnneMarie Way and Bernadette Place in Isleton, California.  The Receiver had the vacant property secured and weatherized during the receivership.  The Receiver also issued a thirty day notice to vacate to a tenant with no consent to holdover.

  • William Kaut vs. Judy L. Kelsey

    Action No. DR081241
    Superior Court, County of Humboldt - Judge Dale A. Reinholsten
    2011:  Appointed Receiver for the property located at 1270 Mill Creek Way in Fortuna California. The property includes a single family home and rented duplex.  The Order Appointing Receiver required the plaintiff and defendant to provide property information from 2003 to the present.  The receiver is reviewing  the information and will be reporting her findings to the Court.

  • Valley Community Bank vs. Thomas A. Felardo, individually and doing business as Felardo Construction

    Action No. RG10546392
    Superior Court, County of Alameda - Judge Winifred Y. Smith
    2011:  Receiver appointed to pursue the sale of five single family homes and one triplex located in Union City, Fremont, Newark and Hayward, California.  The Receiver engaged a  real estate broker to list the properties for sale.  The Receiver negotiated sales of the properties in the total amount of $2,689,000.00 subject to the approval of plaintiff and the Court.  The property information is as follows:
         1321-1325 D Street, Hayward, CA sold for $600,000.00

         32600 Ithaca Street, Union City, CA sold for $358,000.00
         34465 Bridgewater Place, Fremont, CA sold for $515,000.00
         42665 Roberts Avenue, Fremont, CA sold for $401,000.00
         5181 Lawler Avenue, Fremont, CA sold for $495,000.00
         36718 Ruschin drive, Newark, CA sold for $320,000.00

  • Georgia Ann Michell, Esq., dba Michell-Langsam vs. Diddo Clark

    Action No. CIVMSC06-00418
    Superior Court, County of Contra Costa - Judge Judith Craddick
    2010: Receiver appointed to sell partnership or limited partnership interests in three apartment complex properties located in Pleasant Hill and Lafayette, California pursuant to a Charging Order.  The transferable interests” were sold by private sale and grossed $321,000.00.

  • Clark Family Cases

    Action No. 4320
    Superior Court, County of Contra Costa - Judge Barry Goode
    2010:  Receiver appointed to collect any distributions that woul otherwise go to Diddo Clark and distrubute same to the judgment creditor until the judgment is satisfied.  The Receiver obtained $154,500 for the purchase of the Diddo Clark interest in Davis Fine Arts,k LLC.  The funds net of expenses were disbursed.

  • Gilbert E. Brigham and Eunice Silva Taylor  vs. James A. Bobb, et al.

    Action No. 964276 and 975107
    Superior Court, San Francisco County - Judge Raymond D. Williamson, Jr.
    1997: A payment plan was established between the plaintiffs and defendants, and the Receiver monitored  the compliance for a residential property located in San Francisco, California.

  • In re: Richard D. Klinger and Peggy J. Klinger, Debtors

    Action No. 94-43198 T
    Appointment: Plan Administrator
    Northern District of California - Judge Leslie Tchaikovsky
    1995: Liquidation of estate; oversight of long-term toxic remediation work at estate property requiring interaction with California Regional Water Quality Board; and accounting under Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization.

  • In re: E. Chad and Joan Dwyer

    Action No. 92-5-2279-JRG
    Appointment: Liquidating Agent
    Northern District - Judge James R. Grube
    1993: Liquidation of securities and sale of one single-family home. Extensive negotiations and analysis of investment partnerships with eventual liquidation. Completion of the Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization.

  • In re: Majestic Wine Corporation

    Action No. 4-89-00474
    Appointment: Liquidating Trustee
    Northern District - Judge Randall Newsome
    1991: Liquidation of two real property leases, extensive work and interaction with the PBGC in winding up the pension plan, disbursements to creditors and completion of the Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization.

  • TRW Title Insurance, Inc. vs. Richard A. Espicha, Mariner Associates and Mariner Holding

    Action No. C-91-3626
    United States District Court, San Francisco - Judge Charles A. Legge
    1991: Fraudulent activity case with three apartment buildings, one industrial building, six condominium units, and seven single-family homes located in Houston, Texas; 19 single-family homes and one duplex in the Bay Area; and several notes receivable.

  • In re: Bay Area Location Caterers dba The Boathouse

    Action No. 3-85-02653
    Appointment: Trustee
    Northern District - Judge Jack Rainville
    1986: Sale of leasehold interest in restaurant, bar, banquet facilities, and boating/fishing concession located at Lake Merced in San Francisco, California. Negotiation with the lessor, the City of San Francisco for sale of the lease.

  • Gibraltar Savings vs. Markwest Corp.

    Action No. 34873
    Superior Court, Nevada County - Judge Harold Wolters
    1986: Receiver appointed to manage 11-unit medical building and one six-unit medical building located in Grass Valley, California.

  • Dolores Magpantay vs. Adelaida C. Alejo

    Action No. 854-286
    Superior Court, San Francisco County - Judge Ollie Marie-Victoire
    1986: Sale of  single-family residence located in San Francisco, California  pursuant to a partition action.

  • Gibraltar Savings and Loan Association

    North Hollywood, California
    Consultation on and operation of medical facility located in Grass Valley, California.