Oil & Gas

  • California National Bank vs. Donald Goff

    Action No. V-004347-6
    Superior Court, Alameda County, Eastern Division - Judge Mark L. Eaton
    1992: Management and operation of gas station in Livermore, California offering both diesel and regular gasoline; underground storage tank compliance; extensive accounting and tax reporting responsibilities.

  • State Street Bank and Trust Company vs. Yolo Gas Recovery Corporation

    Action No. 69487
    Superior Court, Yolo County - Judge Stephen Mock
    1991: Operation and sale of a landfill gas system located near Davis, California.  The gas from the landfill fueled an energy conversion system and the generated power was delivered to Pacific, Gas & Electric. Removal of toxic chemicals and contaminated soil.

  • In re: William and Nancy Connolly

    Action No. 3-88-02226
    Appointment: Trustee
    Northern District - Judge Thomas Carlson
    1989: Operation of a 5,000-acre exotic animal ranch and a 60-acre ranch located which sold for $350,000 in Klamath Falls and Jacksonville, Oregon. Other assets include oil and gas leases, farm equipment, a single-family residence which sold for $850,000 located in Marin County and two airplanes. Liquidation of all assets under Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization.

  • Landsea Marine Oil Terminal

    Martinez, California
    Operation off-loading oil facility on Carquinez Straits, California.