• HVCH, LP vs Pacific Institute, et al

    Action No CGC-14-540216
    Superior Court, County of San Francisco, Judge Ernest Goldsmith
    2016     Sales Administrator appointed to coordinate sale of 52 Unit, 103 bed, Senior House Porfolio located in San Francisco, California, at 601-624 Laguna Street.  Selected broker team, charged with oversight of sale, worked with buyer, broker and parties to complete a sale for $25 million.

  • Sorbent Therapeutics, Inc.

    Sunnyvale, California
      Therapeutics, Inc. was a biopharmaceutical company developing therapies for cardiovascular and renal diseases.  The most recent 3rd Quarter 2014 STEPWISE clinical study results did not produce the anticipated results and the Company engaged Uecker & Associates, Inc. as Assignee.  We retained patent counsel to prepare a patent review and summary.  The IP patents were sold for $425,000.

  • Ittleson Lenin Anne Building LLV vs. Lenin Anne; Lakshmi Anne; Laukau Pouli Eteki

    Action No.  RG11567403
    Superior Court, County of Alameda - Judge Davide B. Hunter
    2011:   Appointed Receiver of a board and care facility with two buildings containing a fourteen bedroom, seven bath facility (primary building) and a five bedroom, three bath facility (second building).  The property was occupied and voluntarily vacated during the Receivership.


  • In re: West Contra Costa Healthcare District

    Action No. 06-41174-T
    Appointment: Trustee and Plan Administrator
    Northern District of California - Judge Leslie J. Tchaikovsky
    2008: Chapter 9 Plan of Liquidation with the Doctor's Medical Center Liquidating Trust and Uecker & Associates as the Trustee. Claims review and analysis with the majority of payments issued within four months of Plan confirmation. Extensive union employee wage and pension issues. Special counsel engaged in prior operator litigation.

  • In re: San Jose Medical Management, Inc. and San Jose Medical Group, Inc.

    Action No. 02-55527 and 02-55528 JRG
    Appointment: Liquidating Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge James R. Grube
    2004: Liquidating Plan of Reorganization. Completed claims review for approximately 1,400 claims totaling $40 million. An initial claim dispute letter was sent to claimants due to discrepancies in billed vs. contracted amounts due. Responses were received and many claim objections were resolved informally. The other claim objections were filed, negotiated, and settled. The claims were reduced by $15 million. The Trustee worked with a Trust Committee and monitored the debtor's payments to the Trust and financial reporting under the Plan. The Trustee coordinated claim reductions with preference settlements when possible.

  • Resolution Health Strategies, Inc.

    San Jose, California
    2001: Assignee for a provider of health care information services that provides pharmaceutical, biotech and devise manufacturers with targeted product promotion and helps organized health care delivery systems such as Blue Shield improve the quality of care they deliver. Sale of assets within short period of time such that staff and locations were preserved. $300,000 cash, release of claims totaling $1.4 million for total consideration of $1.7 million. Review and compile creditor information.

  • Personal Choice Medical Group, Inc.

    San Jose, California
    2000: Assignee for a health maintenance organization (HMO). Completion of medical claims processing to establish creditor listing, collection of accounts receivable and disbursement to creditors. Extensive income tax preparation for pre-assignment period to determine tax liability.

  • In re: Los Medanos Health Care Corporation

    Action No. 94-4-2864-J and 96-4-1356-J
    Appointment: Disbursing Agent
    Northern District of California - Judge Edward Jellen
    1998: Liquidation of hospital equipment valued in excess of $1 million and sale of vacant parcels adjacent to hospital valued in excess of $1.2 million. Vacant parcels required rezoning subject to a General Plan revision. Completion of first disbursement of approximately $3.9 million to over 1,400 creditors including extensive amount of wage claimants and vendors.

  • In re: Regenerative Health Systems, Inc.

    Action No. 97-46633-N-11
    Appointment: Disbursing Agent
    Northern District of California - Judge Randall Newsome
    1998: Disbursement of payments to general unsecured creditors and taxing authorities on a quarterly basis for a convalescent hospital and accounting under a Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization.

  • Consolidated Intercapital Corporation, et al. vs. Care Partners, Inc., et al.

    Action No. 161-642
    Superior Court, Marin County - Judge Beverly Bloch Savitt
    1994: Continuation of company operations involving health care billing and eventual sale of business.

  • In re: Choice Financial Services, Inc.

    Action No. 5-89-001472
    Appointment: Trustee
    Northern District - Judge James R. Grube
    1989: Management, operation, and sale of a 73-bed convalescent hospital located in Fremont, California. Real estate loan business and miscellaneous real property.

  • Paracelsus vs. Doctors Hospital of Oakland

    Action No. 632827-8 (appointed as Special Master)
    Superior Court, Alameda County - Judge Ken Kawaichi
    1987: Collection of accounts receivable for a hospital located in Oakland, California.