Financial Services

  • Dafne Corporation

    San Francisco, California
    Consultant to corporation to determine financial status of the corporation after closure.

  • In re: Frost & Berman Capital, Inc.

    Action No. 997684
    Superior Court, San Francisco County - Judge Ronald Evans Quidachay
    1999: Court appointed representative in corporate dissolution & winding up.  The firm was a merger, acquisition and financial Advisory firm exclusively focused on digital content in the entertainment, educator and business software sectors.  Appointed to review and make recommendations on employee retention and compensation, lease valuation, sale of FF & E, compensation for collections of accounts receivable, disposition of pension plan, transfer or disposition of existing clients and contracts, ownership of company names, and timing and distribution of any other assets of the company.

  • The Scott Company

    Oakland, California
    Financial Consultant to issue employment benefit related checks to former employees of the Company.