Consumer Products

  • Bank of Marin vs. Auto Care Mall of Fremont, Inc.

    Action No. 112CV219383
    Superior Court, County of Alameda - Judge Ronni B. Maclaren
    2012:  Receiver appointed for Auto Care Mall located at 40851 - 40967 Albrae Street, Fremont, California.  This property is a 2.98 acre multi tenant retail center consisting of approximately 38,226 square feet.  It is occupied exclusively by auto service related businesses.  The Receiver engaged the services of a leasing broker for the property.  The debtor filed for Chapter 11 and the Receiver was excused from turnover.

  • Interpacific Sales Co., Inc.

    Citrus Heights, California
    2010:  Assignee of a U.S. subsidiary, ISC, a leading distributor of wooden doors and joinery products.  Assignee handled creditor notificaiton, claims review, accounts receivable negotiation and closure of the U.S. office.

  • Ilya Sarkisyan vs. Jacob Kurnovskiy

    Action No. CGC-09-494782
    Superior Court, County of San Francisco - Judge Charlotte W. Woolard
    2010:  Receiver appointed in BAMX USA Motorcycles, Inc. to take possession of the property and business, perform a full accounting of the books and records regarding funding and net worth and cause a valuation to be conducted of the assets of BAMX.

  • WestAmerica Bank vs. Bradley Video, Inc.

    Action No. CV 05-5093
    Superior Court, County of Marin - Judge Norman Smith
    2005: Review and analysis of consolidation of sixteen (16) individual video stores located in Santa Rosa (4), El Sobrante, Roseville, Reno, Concord (2), Campbell, Novato, Sebastopol, Windsor, Sacramento, Antioch and Rohnert Park.

  • In re: Media Group, Inc.

    Action No. 01-4 5324 T
    Appointment: Chapter 11 Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Leslie Tchaikovsky
    2002: An optical media replicator service for CDs and DVDs. As Trustee managed the business until jobs in process were completed. The case was converted to Chapter 7.

  • Arcom Electronics, Inc.

    Milpitas, California
    2001: Assignee for a value added reseller of data communications equipment and systems integrator. Review and compile creditor information. Work with secured creditor until paid in full with balance of accounts receivable available to general unsecured creditors. Liquidation of fixed assets by auction. Disbursement of 88 cents on the dollar to unsecured creditors.

  • Cody's

    Berkeley, California
    Financial Consultant to book store company to bring books and records current for further evaluation of financial status.

  • In re: Big

    Action No. 00-32627-TC
    Appointment: Chapter 11 Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Thomas E. Carlson
    2000: Liquidation of the number one online textbook retailer as well as the fastest growing
    e-commerce provider for 18-24 year olds. The textbook physical inventory was sold for
    $1 million and other assets were liquidated.

  • In re: Personal Cellular Services, Inc.

    Action No. 98-48307-N
    Appointment: Trustee
    Northern District of California - Judge Randall J. Newsome
    2000: Manage and operate cellular phone company with 3,500 customers in the Bay Area. Sold the telecom company to a third party purchaser for $1.2 million. Negotiated and settled litigation with a large cellular phone service provider.

  • In re: Intelectron Incorporated

    Action No. 98-43509-N-11
    Appointment: Responsible Person
    Northern District of California - Judge Randall Newsome
    1998: Liquidation of wholesaler of lighting devices and other indoor/outdoor decorative lighting fixtures. Extensive accounting work to complete tax returns.

  • Sumitomo Bank of California vs. Gregory F. Buonocore

    Action No. 997393
    Superior Court, San Francisco County - Judge Ronald E. Quidachay
    1998: Limited Purpose Receiver appointed to collect accounts receivable, review and approve operating budget for winery production and sale, tracking receivables, payables and inventory.

  • Heller First Capital Corporation vs. Boss Auto Parts

    Action No. H197903-3
    Superior Court, Alameda County, Hayward Division - Judge John F. Kraetzer
    1997: Liquidation of retail auto parts store located in Fremont, California.

  • Bank of the Orient vs.Cane & Reed Imports, Inc., et al.

    Action No. 990578
    Superior Court, San Francisco County - Judge Raymond D. Williamson, Jr.
    1997: Liquidation of retail wicker furniture store and wholesale outlet located in South San Francisco, California.  Successful collection of accounts receivable and coordination and completion of tax returns.

  • Union Bank of California, N.A. vs. California Carpet Outlet, Inc., et al.

    Action No. 981578
    Superior Court, San Francisco County - Judge David Garcia
    1996: Operation and sale of retail carpet company; consolidation of inventory and auction of all inventory.  The case required extensive review of books, records, and inventory reconciliation.  Also involved reconstruction and collection of accounts receivable via installation of purchased inventory.  Oversight of staff to complete outstanding installation jobs.

  • In re: Bradley Stark & Co. dba Hart's Cafe and dba California Copy Center

    Action No. 3-87-00705
    Appointment: Trustee
    Northern District - Judge Thomas Carlson
    1988: Management and operation of a copy service center business. Business sold pursuant to court order.