• Boral Private Bank vs. Burt Hamrol, Customer Service General Contracting, Inc. Hamrol Development, Inc.

    Action No. CGC-09-493690
    Superior Court, County of San Francisco - Judge Charlotte Woolard
    2010:  Receiver appointed for 408 - 418 Bosworth Street in San Francisco, CA which includes four buildings with two residential condo units per building that is approximately 70% completed.  The Receivership also includes 2 and 10 Rousseau in San Francisco, CA which include two buildings with two units in each that is approximately 15 - 20% completed.  The Receiver is working with a local contractor to secure the building and obtain a bid for completion of the work on the Bosworth property.  Insurance was placed by the Receiver along with renewal of permits for the project.

  • K&B Creditor Benefit LLC

    Santa Rosa, California
    Financial Consultant in out of Court workout between a residential construction company and developer and its lenders and bonding companies on numerous construction projects. Review of year end 2008 and mid-year 2009 financial information, proposed creditor plan and claims analysis.

  • M.A. Lindquist, Inc.

    Oakland, California
    2006: M.A. Lindquist was a construction contractor company located in Oakland, California. Operations were discontinued prior to the Assignment. The Assignee attempted to collect accounts receivable, monitored pending litigation and reviewed and analyzed sub-contractors claims.

  • In re: Peter Bellucci

    Action No. 288-06613
    Appointment: Trustee
    Eastern District - Judge Christopher Klein
    1989: Real estate developer of numerous single-family homes located in the Sacramento area plus numerous notes receivable.

  • Territorial Savings and Loan Association

    Special Credits Department
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Consultation on 114-unit single-family residential development in Pittsburg, California.
    Consultation on, operation and supervision of construction and code compliance, and leasing of commercial office building located in San Francisco, California.
    Consultation on viability of earthquake damaged 10-story commercial office building located in San Francisco, California.