Allen Young vs Thomas Henderson, CallSocket, LC, et al

Allen Young vs Thomas Henderson, CallSocket, LLC, et al
Action No RG15778891
Superior Court, County of Alameda, Judge Julia Spain and Judge Brad Seligman
2016:    Appointed Receiver for the CallSocket Entities (CallSocket, LLC, CallSocket II, LLC and Callsocket III, LLC) and related CallSocket Entities (CallSocket, LP, CallSocket II, LP, CallSocket III, LP, CallSopcket Holding Company, LLC, CallSocket II Holding Company, LLC and CallSocket III Holding Company, LLC).  the Receive took possession and control of the Assets including the following:

     The Tribune Tower located at 409 13th Street in Oakland, CA.
     The Community Bank Building located at 1740-1750 Broadway in Oakland, CA.
     The Dufwin Building located at 518 17th Street in Oakland, CA
     A warehouse located at 1700 20th Street in Oakland, CA.
     The proceeds of the sale of the I. Magnin Building located at 2015 Broadway
         in Oakland, CA.

The Court ordered the marketing and sale of the 3 office buildings, which were completed in 2016 and generated gross sale proceeds generated by the Receivership of Approximately $38 million plus the proceeds of the sale from the I. Magnin building of $8.8 million for a total of $46.8 million.

Additionally, the Court ordered the Receiver to manage and operate the CS, LP businesses wich included an Oakland call center and a San Francisco incubator space located at the Twitter building.  The CS, LP call center was closed pursuant to Order of the Court.  The CS II, LP call center continued to operate in Oakland, CA but relcoated from the Tribune Tower to the Dufwin building.  Both call centr operations ar eEB5 projects and subject to USCIS.

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