ALZ Lee, LLC, et al, vs. Shacuan Sharon Lee, et al

Action No. GCG-14-539032
Action No. GCG-14-539033
Action No. GCG-14-539034
Action No. GCG-14-539035
Action No. GCG-14-539036
Superior Court, County of San Francisco, Judge Ronald E. Quidachay
2015: Appointed Referee for six properties located in San Francisco, California in order to send a notice to submit verified claim per title reports within 20 days and request a response in 20 days.  Within 15 days of Receipt of  Claims, the Referee submitted a written Referee Claim liens report.  Supplemental reports were submitted as additional information was received.  The partition orders are pending.
The properties include the following: 
350 Beach Street, San Francisco, California - commercial building with a public parking structure, rental car office with parking and a restaurant

71 Water Street, San Francisco, California  - a three unit apartment building
1750 Grant Avenue, Unit B, Unit C, Unit D and Unit E,  San Francisco, California  - residential  condominium units