1700 California Holdings, LLC vs. Tania Trednnick Peggs, as Trustee of the Allibert Marital Trust et al

Action No. CGC 10-5005764
Superior Court, County of San Francisco - Judge James McBride
2012:  Appointed Referee for a partition sale auction of the land at 1700 California Street, San Francisco, California.  The .54 acre parcel is ground leased to the owner of the Leasehold Improvements through December 31, 2035.  The Leasehold Improvements are owned by the ground tenant but upon expiration, the Leasehold Improvements revert to the land owner.  The Referee engaged the services of a real estate broker to market the property for sale to national and international buyers.  The sale consisted of multiple qualified buyers, 179 overbids and a sale price of $30.4 million.