Comerica Bank vs GFLIP III et al

Action No. 39-2012-002802036
Superior Court, County of San Joaquin - Judge Barbara A. Kronlund
2012:  Receiver appointed to sell five parcels located in Lodi, California including 880 S. Beckman Road  and 901 E. Vine Street (leased premises), 1251 - 1255 S. Beckman Road (previously a Dodge - Kia dealership), 1045 S. Cherokee Lane (previously a Ford dealership), and 1130 S. Cherokee Lane (previously a used car dealership).  The Receiver engaged a broker specializing in automotive sales.  The 880 S. Beckman property resulted in a settlement for a discounted payoff to the secured creditor while the 1251-1255 S. Beckman Road peoperty sold for $1,500,000, the 1130 S. Cherokee Lane property sold for $325,000, and 1045 S. Cherokee sold for $1,075,000.