Valley Community Bank vs. Thomas A. Felardo, individually and doing business as Felardo Construction

Action No. RG10546392
Superior Court, County of Alameda - Judge Winifred Y. Smith
2011:  Receiver appointed to pursue the sale of five single family homes and one triplex located in Union City, Fremont, Newark and Hayward, California.  The Receiver engaged a  real estate broker to list the properties for sale.  The Receiver negotiated sales of the properties in the total amount of $2,689,000.00 subject to the approval of plaintiff and the Court.  The property information is as follows:
     1321-1325 D Street, Hayward, CA sold for $600,000.00

     32600 Ithaca Street, Union City, CA sold for $358,000.00
     34465 Bridgewater Place, Fremont, CA sold for $515,000.00
     42665 Roberts Avenue, Fremont, CA sold for $401,000.00
     5181 Lawler Avenue, Fremont, CA sold for $495,000.00
     36718 Ruschin drive, Newark, CA sold for $320,000.00