In re: Dick Bruhn, Inc.

Action No. 07-51338RLE
Appointment: Chief Restructuring Officer and Responsible Person
Northern District of California - Judge Roger Efremsky
2007: Susan Uecker was appointed Chief Restructuring Officer and Uecker & Associates, Inc. as the representative of the debtor estate. They prepared the Statement of Financial Affairs and Summary of Schedules for the three (3) Dick Bruhn, Inc. entities as follows:
        Butler's Uniforms
        Dick Bruhn Men's and Ladies' Stores
        Selix Formal Wear
Uecker managed and operated Selix Formalwear at break even from May 2007 to sale date of January 28, 2008. Uecker completed the sale of two Butler's locations in Reno and Hayward and liquidated the remaining store in San Francisco. The men's and ladies' Bruhn Clothing stores were liquidated by a third party company in a going out of business sale held over 120 days and netting approximately $1 million to the estate. The CRO negotiated a Selix lease buy-out.  She provided the required WARN Act Notices and worked to resolve pension fund issues.