Bank of America, successor acting by and through CWCapital Asset Management LLC vs. Herman Street DE LLC, Sutter Associates DE, LLC, Trophy Properties I DE, LLC, LRL Citi Properties I DE, LLC, Walter Lembi, Frank E. Lembi, Frank E. Lembi as

Action No. CGC-09-491063
Superior Court of San Francisco - Judge Harold Kahn
2009:  Appointed Receiver for sixteen (16) apartment buildings with 662 total units located in San Francisco, California. The Receiver engaged a third party property management company to work with the Receiver on the project.  Additionally the Receiver was ordered to conduct a financial review from June 2007 to August 2009.  After six (6) months in Receivership the defendant filed a Chapter 11 petion with the Receiver continuing in the bankruptcy proceedings under the Superior Court Order.