MMA Multifamily Equity REIT vs. PacTen Skyline, LLC et al

Action No. M90466
Superior Court, County of Monterey - Judge Lydia M. Villarreal
2008: Receiver of a 40-unit condominium conversion project, of which eight units were designated below market units (BMRs).  The project required a vast amount of work, including:  preparation of a budget for construction and other professionals; completion of loan documentation (for a loan to the receivership estate); negotiation of a revised construction agreement with the contractor; completion of several agreements with professionals including the engineer and soil consultant, as well as Receivership counsel, Department of Real Estate counsel, local counsel to interface with the City and the Homeowners Association budget preparer; coordination, hiring and oversight of a new on-site resident manager; personal interaction with tenants; and review of DRE documents including CC&R's and Bylaws.