• HVCH, LP vs Pacific Institute, et al

    Action No CGC-14-540216
    Superior Court, County of San Francisco, Judge Ernest Goldsmith
    2016     Sales Administrator appointed to coordinate sale of 52 Unit, 103...
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  • Whitman

    Expert Witness for Whitman
    2017:     Review of Receiver fiduciary duties.  Qualified as an Expert Witness and testified at trial.

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  • JL Gateway

    Thorofare Asset Based Lending Fund III, et al vs. JL Gateway LLC, et al
    Action No. RG17847232
    Superior Court, County of Alameda, Judge Robert McGuiness
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  • La Petite Baleen, Inc.

    La Petite Baleen, Inc.
    Half Moon Bay, California
    2016:     Appointed Provisional Director.  Uecker attends and participates in Board...
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  • Northwest Bank vs. Green Tillage, LLC

    Action No. 15-05816
    Court of Common Pleas, Lancaster County, PA, Judge David L. Ashworth
    2016:     Appointed Receiver to sell all trademarks, tradenames,...
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  • Allen Young vs Thomas Henderson, CallSocket, LC, et al

    Allen Young vs Thomas Henderson, CallSocket, LLC, et al
    Action No RG15778891
    Superior Court, County of Alameda, Judge Julia Spain and Judge Brad Seligman
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  • Arnold Leong vs Warren Havens

    Action no. 2002-070640
    Superior Court, County of Alameda, Judge Roesch
    2015:     Receiver appointed to take control and possession of all property and...
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  • Rainbow Chefs

    Rainbow Chefs
    San Mateo, California
    2015:     Rainbow Chefs was an educationsl consulting firm.  The intellectual property, including rademarks,...
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  • Viking Trading

    Viking Trading Company dba Unicorn Books and Crafts
    Petaluma, California
    2015:     The business inventory, fixed assets along with website and toll...
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  • Vladimr Mirov vs. Arkady Beger AKA Alex Beger, et al

    Action No. CGC-07-462479
    Superior Court, County of San Francisco, Judge Ernest H. Goldsmith
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  • MUFG Union Bank, N.A. vs. Chateau Julien, Inc.

    Action No. M129403
    Superior Court, County of Monterey, Judge Susan J. Matcham
    2015:  Receiver appointed to take possession of wine...
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  • Rabbank vs. Gilroy Annex Holdings, LLC, fka The Garlic Farm Annex, LLC

    Action No. 1-14-CV-259720
    Superior Court, County of Santa Clara, Judge Beth McGowen
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  • Clovershield, Inc.

    San Diego, California
    2015:  Clovershield, dba Herbalizer, is a company...
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  • Giga Omni Media

    SanFrancisco, California
    2015: Giga was a blog related media company located...
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  • ALZ Lee, LLC, et al, vs. Shacuan Sharon Lee, et al

    Action No. GCG-14-539032
    Action No. GCG-14-539033
    Action No. GCG-14-539034
    Action No. GCG-14-539035
    Action No. GCG-14-539036
    Superior Court, County of San...
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  • Sharp Electronics Pte Ltd., Singapore,vs Treeview Company, Ltd, Somchai Chitpedakorn, KYO Computers, Inc. et al

    Action No. RG13662945
    Superior Court,County of Alameda, Judge Robert McGuiness
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